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Religious right candidate for Virginia Lt. Governorship cites 'the 47 percent' and calls President Obama 'an evil presence'

Religious right candidate for Virginia Lt. Governorship cites 'the 47 percent' and calls President Obama 'an evil presence'

On Nov. 20, Republican Bishop E.W. Jackson, who had lost his bid for U.S. Senate, announced that he will be running for Lt. Governor of Virginia because he "already has a statewide following." In his senate race, Jackson received slightly less than 5 percent of the vote on Nov. 6.

In his announcement, Jackson remarked, "This is no time to withdraw. Constitutional conservatism is right for Virginia and right for all Americans, whether white, black, Hispanic, Filipino, Asian, Native American, male or female. I intend to take my message to every Virginian, regardless of background. We all share the vision of 'one nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all.' And we must all come together for the good of our Commonwealth and our country."

The evangelist has a history of anti-gay rhetoric and rants about the "anti-Christ agenda" of the Democratic party. In a pre-election video that was posted on Nov. 21, Jackson sat down with former Saturday Night Live comedienne-turned-Tea Party activist Victoria Jackson to discuss how America needs a great spiritual awakening and to generally rant about why he thinks that President Obama is not a Christian and has "deceived" Americans. According to Bishop Jackson, the president is "at worst, an atheist and a Muslim" and "an evil presence" who has taught from a book that "Lucifer himself endorses" and who is bent on dividing America in every way imaginable.

The candidate claimed that 47 percent of Americans "depend on the government in one way or another," a sign that the country has drifted from its foundations.

After describing how he was "saved" after reading the Bible in 1976 when attending Harvard Law School, Bishop Jackson launched into a discussion about the spiritual downfall of America with the host. The video is embedded below but for those who cannot view videos, here is a partial transcript:

VICTORIA JACKSON: Okay, so, economically under President Obama, our country has gone from, what are the statistics? 17 million were on food stamps, now 44 million are on food stamps (see the numbers — 46.7 million in September). Four percent were unemployed, now it's really over ten percent (see the actual numbers). Economically, our country is in a huge depression and it's affecting everybody, my family, everybody. But spiritual, we're in a spiritual battle, Ephesians 6:12. And America, in the last four years, has spiritually descended, well, in the last hundred years, gradually. Talk about that.

BISHOP E.W. JACKSON: Well, I know I'm probably going to say something that will shock some of your viewers, but I think part of the problem is that we were deceived, and I don't have any problem saying this, even though it's offended many people, the idea that Barack Obama is a Christian is laughable.

VICTORIA JACKSON: Thank you! I keep saying that, thank you!

BISHOP E.W. JACKSON: It's laughable. This is a man who has deceived the country, lied about who he really is, and it's obvious from all the statements that he's made, this is not a Christian country, if it ever was, and I only, I only read the Bible when it's not an esoteric text, in other words, I pick and choose what I like and what I don't like, and I read this, that and the other, I'm a – Barrack Obama is at best a confused man, is at worst, has the sensibilities and I don't know how this combination works, of an atheist and a Muslim. So no wonder the country is in a spiritual kind of free for all, because we've got a very confused person in the White House who is sort of promoting this viewpoint which, you know, same sex marriage, unfettered abortion as you pointed out during the last program, I believe, the born alive infant protection act just to protect children to say if the child is intended to be aborted but is born alive, protect the child, give it medical care. No, said Mr. Obama. No, that frustrates the will of the mother. You know, Victoria, we've got to deal with the fact, and I know that there are a lot of Americans of African descent who have not come to grips with this, but we're really dealing with an evil presence. I really believe that. And we deal with that, of course, through the Constitutional tools that our Founding Fathers gave us for our republic, but I think we deal with it spiritually, as well. We've got to wrestle, understand we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers, so we vote them out of office and then we pray in the kind of people who will uphold who we are as a nation.

VICTORIA JACKSON: Amen. We have to vote out Obama. That's what he's trying to say.

BISHOP E.W. JACKSON: Yes, let me say it explicitly. Vote him out!

VICTORIA JACKSON: And all the other evil people and it's easy to tell who they are. Okay, in our Pledge of Allegiance, it says indivisible, one nation under God. There is this saying, divide and conquer. Would you say that making Americans divided is a spiritual military tactic from Satan? Because we're so divided now.

BISHOP E.W. JACKSON: Well look, you know, I didn't vote for Mr. Obama but when I left the victory party for my congressman that night, when we knew he had been elected, my heart was very heavy but I had this one hope, well maybe, just maybe if nothing else, he'll bring us together. Maybe, you know, all this racial nonsense will finally be put to rest. We've got a black president now. How disappointed I've been. He's been more divisive, I think, than any other figure I've ever seen in the White House in my lifetime, certainly. I mean, he's divided us black against white, he's divided us rich against poor, male against female. He's even divided us, business against government. And so the country has been torn asunder by his leadership and he came in, remember I said he deceived us, because he came in, we're not red states and blue states and we're the United States. And of course, it was all a lie. It was all a joke. He intended to divide us because that's the only way he can stay in power.

VICTORIA JACKSON: Right. And he taught, of course, on Saul Alinsky's book,"Rules for Radicals," which tells people to make racial conflict and class warfare and the book was dedicated to Lucifer (read more on the roots of this conspiracy).

BISHOP E.W. JACKSON: It most certainly was, so I would say that means anybody who teaches from that book is teaching from a book that Lucifer himself endorses. Not a good recommendation for president of the United States.

VICTORIA JACKSON: Amen. Okay, so to wrap it up, how do people become deceived? I think the Bible verse, "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom," I think that a lot of people are blind and they're deaf because the mainstream media is not telling the truth about Obama or his goals, his, you know, dictator goals, his Communistic goals. But it's like the people who voted for him are blind and deceived. And I think the only solution for being blind or deaf, deceived is to, you know, is spiritual birth.

BISHOP E.W. JACKSON: Well, that's true. There needs to be a great awakening in this country and I pray for it. My church prays for it. I know others across the country pray for it because we have gone so far down the road away from our original identity as a country, that it's going to take God's involvement, His awakening of this nation, to bring us back to those foundations. When you've got 47 percent of the population dependent upon government in one way or another, when you've got a president who ignores the Constitution and nobody raises a human cry about it, ignores the law, does what he wants to do, essentially says if Congress won't act, I'll do it myself which is a complete violation of both the spirit and letter of the Constitution, you've got a nation that's in many ways been asleep and we've got to be awakened. And so, I'm praying for a third Great Awakening and in the meantime, you and I and others are waking up everybody we can.

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The interview was apparently made before Nov. 6. Ms. Jackson was definitely not pleased with President Obama's re-election, as evidenced by her Twitter feed:

Victoria Jackson post-election tweets

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  • old_redneck

    I notice in his photo the "Bishop" is wearing a gold Rolex watch. A gold Rolex starts at around $35,000.

  • WHAT A FUCKTARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Spuddie

      The interview is like an echo chamber of the ridiculous right.

      • Deborah_B

        And pretty much embodies just about everything that's wrong with the GOP these days. That sad thing is, I know people who believe the same nonsense "Jackson & Jackson" do.

  • Spuddie

    Victoria Jackson really let herself go in so many ways.

    Then again, she was the weak link of one of SNL's all time great casts.

  • Let me see, because I have to get help from government agencies because I having a hard time finding work, I am a evil sinner who is causing the downfall of God's country on Earth. Shame on me.

    • Deborah_B

      Guess you're not praying hard enough. (kidding)

    • Spuddie

      The godly approach is to ask for crumbs from a rich white guy. =)

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