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This week on the God Discussion Show … Narconon:  Rehab or Scientology?

This week on the God Discussion Show … Narconon: Rehab or Scientology?

Crippling sanctions imposed by a Georgia judge last week have pushed questions about Narconon, a residential program for substance abusers, back into the limelight.

The suit claims that Patrick Desmond died of a drug overdose four years ago while a patient at Narconon of Georgia. Further allegations include an accusation that the facility misled them into believing the organization provided in-patient care. The state received ten years worth of complaints that Narconon had been illegally operating a residential facility. Narconon lacked the proper licenses required to offer this type of care. Additionally, the suit accuses Narconon of Georgia of lying to Florida’s drug court.  The sanctions imposed by the judge will not allow those allegations to be contested in the trial.

Naconon appears to present itself as a secular organization and claims on its website that it has over 100 drug rehab centers.  The website goes on to boast that “Thousands of people have successfully completed Narconon drug rehabilitation programs and, unlike many other alcohol and drug treatment methods, the vast majority of graduates go on to live stable, ethical, productive, drug-free lives. Our success rate is second to none.”

Not everyone agrees that the success of Narconon is “second to none” or that it is a secular service not tied into the Church of Scientology.  We’ll be talking with some of those dissenters — David Edgar Love, Robert Robinson and Colin Henderson — during this week’s God Discussion show. {Guest appearances continue after the “Show Notes” insert.}

Special update  … During the opening 15 minute news segment, Roy Speckhardt, Executive Director of the American Humanist Association, will make a special appearance to tell us about AHA's Kids Without God outreach.


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David Edgar LoveDavid Edgar Love is well-known for his efforts to expose Narconon’s practices in Canada.  A former patient and staff member with Narconon, David now publishes news stories critical of the rehab program and relevant human rights information on his website, NarcononCanada.com.  Born on the West Coast of British Columbia, David lives in the Montreal area. He formed a charitable organization in 1990 and was the director of a rehabilitation center for substance abuse. He then completed a University of British Columbia Real Estate Course and was employed as a Realtor and Sub-Mortgage Broker for more than six years. David’s life is fulfilled doing research on public safety, culture, disease and illness.  In his words, he "strives to help persons with human rights and freedom issues,  especially those related to Scientology Narconon and other dangerous cults."

Robert RobinsonRobert Robinson attended ULC Seminary and was heavily involved with Scientology from 1988 to 1995, where he served in various executive positions.  Bob runs the “Ex-Scientologist” blog, offering insight about Scientology's teaching and comfort for ex-Scientologists struggling with guilt, grief, anger and other emotions associated with spiritual abuse.  He also exposes the abuses of “the church,” as he calls it, with hard hitting stories about ongoing court trials and complaints involving Scientology.

Colin HendersonFor two weeks during the summer of 2007, Colin Henderson experienced life in Oklahoma’s Narconon Arrowhead program.  He published his poignant story at Stop-Narconon.org and was featured in a news program about the rehab program.  Colin is a devout Christian who considers himself to be a “Watchman on the Wall.”  His issue with Narconon is that it was not upfront about its affiliation with the Church of Scientology.  He enrolled into the program thinking that it was a secular organization but found that once inside, he was proselytized with Scientology teachings.

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