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North Texas pastor Rev. Danny Kirk, Sr. attacked, killed

North Texas pastor Rev. Danny Kirk, Sr. attacked, killed

An assailant attacked a North Texas Baptist church pastor after ramming a car into the wall of the church, chasing the pastor through the church and beating him to death with an electric guitar.  The attacker had to be subdued with a Taser, and later died in a local hospital.

It is not known why the attacker killed Rev. Danny Kirk, Sr.  Described as being very upbeat and kind, it seems the attack came out of nowhere.  Yahoo News adds:

Forest Hill Police Chief Dan Dennis said the suspect drove his car into a church wall before noon Monday, apparently on purpose. The suspect got out of the car and began to attack the pastor in the parking lot before chasing him into the church, Dennis said. The church secretary hid and called 911, Dennis said.

Police arrived to find the suspect assaulting Kirk with an electric guitar that they believe was already inside the church, Dennis said. An officer used a Taser on the suspect, handcuffed him and put him in the back of a patrol car.

Dennis also indicated that it was not known if the suspect knew Kirk, or what affiliation, if any, the suspect had with the church.   CBS local station CBSDFW.com reports:

News about the incident soon spread and more than 100 people gathered in front of the building, many of them grief stricken church members who were openly crying. The incident was so traumatic that two of those in the crowd had to be taken to the hospital, after they passed out apparently overcome with grief.

Remaining bystanders and church members held an impromptu prayer vigil outside. The group gathered, held hands and prayed for their church family.

Pastor Danny Kirk Sr. founded the Greater Sweethome Missionary Baptist Church in 1995. Of her pastor church member Akinchia Scott said, “He was a good man. He’s a helpful man. He would help anybody on the street if they really needed it.  So for them to do something like that? It’s really sad.”


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