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Surreptitious anti-Obama DVD surfaces in Florida and Ohio, angers both Dems and Repubs

Surreptitious anti-Obama DVD surfaces in Florida and Ohio, angers both Dems and Repubs

News station WPTV reports that some residents have received a DVD in their mailboxes with the words 'A must-watch DVD' as part of the package. The contents of the disc are a movie, titled, 'Dreams from My Real Father.' The film is a pseudo-documentary produced by an independent California filmmaker that the Los Angeles Times describes as a 'right-wing conspiracy maven,' and bills the movie as one that 'pushes beyond the birthers into a new level of paranoid fantasy.'

In Florida, WPTV states that residents Ron and Judy Cindrick, recipients of the DVD, stated,

"I was absolutely appalled when I began to watch this and they began to show pictures of Barack Obama's mother, his supposed mother, naked,"

Mr. Cindrick said that viewing the movie turned his stomach, and has caused him to decide to vote for Obama. Mr. Cindrick is a registered Republican. Mrs. Cindrick was reported to have commented negatively, as well, bringing particular attention to the use of fictitious material and the use of someone's mother into what she called political propaganda. The word she used was 'vile.'

According to The Orlando Sentinel, Pulitzer Prize-winning Obama biographer David Maraniss called the movie 'preposterous.' Reports state that the move is being distributed to one million Ohio voters, as well as tens of thousands of voters in Nevada and New Hampshire. Parts of the movine claim that Obama was sired by Chicago communist Frank Marshall Davis.

The producer of the movie was interviewed by BuzzFeed, and would not say who is paying for distribution of the DVD's. He would only state that the company is a private media outlet, and doesn't reveal the nature of their finances.

Some of the claims made in the movie that have been debunked as completely false by the website FactCheck, include:

  • Obama intends to force a complete ban on all weapons for U.S. citizens through a United Nations treaty.
  • Barack and Michelle Obama surrendered their law licenses to avoid ethics charges.
  • This dictatorial president has issued 900 executive orders, some creating martial law.
  • The government bought 79% of the vehicles sold by General Motors in June.
  • The Democratic National Convention hosted a Muslim prayer service while rejecting prayers from a Catholic cardinal.
  • Obama plans to deny emergency brain surgery to patients over 70, do away with the National Day of Prayer and get rid of the White House Christmas tree.

The LA Times points out that Republican Congress members and candidates who fail to speak out against things like this appear to give them legitimacy.

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  • Deborah_B

    In American politics, has there ever been such attacks on a sitting president with all the lies and nonsense? My friends on the far right deny that they are racist, but I am having a hard time believing that a lot of this is not racist.

  • I just got a copy of this despicable film in the mail. I live in Iowa. Which means that they've targeted our state, as well. It's time the GOP owns up to the fact that racists have infiltrated their ranks. If nothing else Romney heeds to condemn this to have any kind of credibility.

    • Deborah_B

      Romney should condemn it. I didn't see this DVD that they're distributing, but saw 2016: Obama's America, which was very difficult to sit through. It was a weird racial, pro-colonialism piece of propaganda driven by speculation about the president's emotions. Its author and promoter, Dinesh D'Souza, is no longer president of the Christian-conservative King's College for an affair he was having.

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