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Former SNL comedian Victoria Jackson claims that a baby born of rape is 'God making a blessing out of something bad'

Former SNL comedian Victoria Jackson claims that a baby born of rape is 'God making a blessing out of something bad'

For some conservatives, the notion of victims of rape being forced to carry the pregnancy to term is a blessing.

One of those is former Saturday Night Live comedian Victoria Jackson, who has become a Tea Party activist, touting her Christian views on the online Victoria Jackson Show.

In a recent episode, Jackson said that people were asking her what she thought of Rep. Todd Akin (R-MO)'s "legitimate rape" comments.  "I said if I was raped, I would have the baby and think of it as God making a blessing out of something bad," she claimed.

Jackson spoke with Rebecca Kiessling, the poster child of the "Conceived in Rape" tour that advocates of Mississippi's failed personhood amendment sponsored last summer.

Kiessling told Jackson, "I am alive today because of pro-life advocate who are my heroes.  They protected me.  My birth mother wanted to abort me.  She went to two back alley abortionists, but backed out because it was illegal, and so she didn't choose life for me.  She chose abortion and the law was there for me. She was forced to carry me."

On her website, Kiessling explains that when she was 18, she learned that her biological mother was brutally raped at knife-point by a serial rapist and writes,  "Like most people, I'd never considered that abortion applied to my life, but once I received this information, all of a sudden I realized that, not only does it apply to my life, but it has to do with my very existence. It was as if I could hear the echoes of all those people who, with the most sympathetic of tones, would say, 'Well, except in cases of rape. . . ,' or who would rather fervently exclaim in disgust: 'Especially in cases of rape!!!'  All these people are out there who don‘t even know me, but are standing in judgment of my life, so quick to dismiss it just because of how I was conceived. I felt like I was now going to have to justify my own existence, that I would have to prove myself to the world that I shouldn’t have been aborted and that I was worthy of living. I also remember feeling like garbage because of people who would say that my life was like garbage — that I was disposable."

In her interview with Jackson, she said that things turned out well with her and her biological mother.  "Now today, we're both thankful that we were spared from that abortion. I met her when I was 19, and two years ago, 22 years from the day we met, she and her husband legally adopted me, because my family was actually abusive and so that is our fairytale ending."

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Jackson was recently a guest on the American Family Association's "Today's Issues" radio program, where she declared that the Democratic Party is anti-God because of gay marriage and abortion and that she is on a mission with her latest book to "bring souls to Jesus" and to reveal "25 facts that Obama is a communist and not a Christian."  Jackson implied that since the president is a communist, "communism persecutes Christians and if he gets another four years …"  She revealed to the American Family Association that her Victoria Jackson Show is produced by Gary DeMar, "who has been trying to put Jesus back into government for 30 years."  She went on to explain, "He's in a group of guys in Atlanta called Liberty Alliance.  They have an experiment to try to get the truth out on the Internet."  (AFA's shows are no longer available on YouTube, but you can hear Jackson's interview here.)

Victoria Jackson on AFA

DeMar is associated with the Christian Reconstructionist movement founded by the late R. J. Rushdoony.  Rushdoony believed that the logical conclusion of democracy is to destroy morality; i.e., the concepts of good and evil, because everything is equal in democracy. He favored an authoritarian government based on Biblical standards. Rushdoony also claimed that Darwin's theory of evolution has led society against Biblical morality.

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