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National Day of Prayer Task Force coordinator takes issue with 'Vote for Jesus' campaign

National Day of Prayer Task Force coordinator takes issue with 'Vote for Jesus' campaign

Over the election season, we have been following internet evangelist Bill Keller's "Vote for Jesus" campaign where Christians pledge to write in Jesus Christ for president on November 6.  Earlier this week, we reported that over 1 million had signed a pledge signalling their commitment to "Vote for Jesus" because, in Keller's words, this year's Republican and Democratic presidential choices are "like "satan flipping a two-headed coin with his head on both sides."

It appears that not all Christians are happy about the Jesus for president campaign.

In a press release issued yesterday, Karen Spillman, America Coordinator for Lighthouse Intercessors and Cleburne Texas Coordinator for the National Day of Prayer Task Force, remarked:

I recently learned of a campaign asking Christians to not vote or to write Jesus in as the candidate. The government of a nation is a reflection of its culture. Like many, for much of my life I called myself a Christian but I allowed the culture to influence my decisions. Most of my priorities and the things I valued were not things valued by God. If I bothered to vote, my focus was a leaders personality, if I liked them or not, and what I thought they could do for me. I was more interested in doing what was politically correct than what my Lord said. There was a disconnect between what I said I believed and how I voted. I ignored and rationalized foundational beliefs of candidates, political parties, and organizations diametrically opposed to the Bible and my faith.

Unfortunately our nation is seeing the effects of Christians not voting or voting for candidates who do not represent the values our nation was founded upon. In every race one candidate will win. We have a choice regarding who wins. If we choose not to speak our voice will not be heard.

According to Spillman, the "church is the moral compass" of the nation and that Christians "are here to influence our culture."

"It is time for the church to stand. Christians must speak the truth in love and show love by our actions," she concludes. "This election will be decided by the Christians. If we show up and vote for the candidates whose platforms most closely reflect Godly values then we will win. If we don't, we will get more of the same."

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  • Kinda makes you wonder where those votes would go if they did vote.

  • Debster

    Satan wins if Obama is not defeated. Romney is a good man. To me the choice is between good and evil. We all would love for Jesus to reign and He will. But a write in for Jesus is a vote for Obama and a vote for evil. Write Jesus on your heart not your ballot!

    • ConcernedPatriotMom

      I agree with Debster. The same is true of all those who vote for Ron Paul, Gary Johnson, or anybody else. Do you remember Ross Perot? He was a spoiler. You may still think it is a choice of conscience, however, it is actually a vote for Obama. Wake up America! Do not make stupid choices in this election. We must unite on this one issue and get BHO out of office before our country is destroyed in every way. Vote for Romney, and the process will begin to change. And, don't tell me that these two men are alike. They are polar different. And, please pray to God and then listen!

      • Esteban Cafe

        Excellent reply, madam.

      • Anyone who thinks a deity supports or doesn't support a candidate is sorely ignorant. No one knows the mind of God, says the Bible.

        • klr56

          Then why pray? If you can not "know the mind of God" then you can not be lead by God and your faith is worthless.

      • You took the words right out of my mouth, ConcernedPatriotMom! A vote against either candidate is a vote for Obama. Everyone should consider both of the REAL candidates, then pray about it and vote how the Spirit dictates.

      • Unfortunately, write-ins are not counted. If they were a write-in for Jesus would make sense. It's better to pick the candidate who is closest to your values and the way you think government should be run. For me, that's the Libertarian.

        • And all this time I thought it was the republican house and senate that drove Clinton into balancing the budget, not to mention the budgetary benefit of the end of the cold war. Thanks for the re-write of history.

        • ConcernedPatriotMom

          Aurora Pack: Can you ever see Obama balancing a budget? Ha…ALL 595 members of Congress voted against his budget. Do you have eyes to see and ears to hear? A vote for a Libertarian is a vote for Obama. Vote with common sense and don't throw your vote away. This election is too important. You have one of TWO choices only who will be elected president, and Romney is the best man! Help save our country!

    • FaithfulandFree


  • Mac

    When Christ returns, he won't need our vote in order to reign. Until then, vote for an actual candidate. Look to 3rd parties – you'll find candidates who support your values.

    • klr56

      A third party vote is a vote for Obama in this election cycle. Until we get voter ID we have to assume there will be cheating on a major scale if the election is close.

  • luvsgunsandamerica

    Although I would vote for our Saviour,this many votes for him will insure we will have 4 more years of obama tearing down our constitution and driving Christianity underground as he allows him muslim brothers to overthrow our rights to pray where and when we want to.Look what he did to the National Day of Prayer

    • utmom

      From the research I've seen President Obama defended the National Day of Prayer when a lawsuit was brought against it in 2010 by the Freedom from Religion Foundation.

  • MormonMominFL

    Please don't "waste your vote!" I would love Jesus to be President too, but He will come someday soon. In the meantime, we need to do all we can to strengthen the USA.

    it will be a very close race, and every vote matters! If you live in a swing state, and you don't vote for Romney or Obama, your vote won't affect anything. In fact, it will be as if you voted for who you don't want to win!

  • David

    Say a little rayer in your heart and the Spirit will tell you what you should do. If you feel good about it then do it. If you have a stuppor thought, then don't… But, to write in Jesus, is a vote for Obama. Romney is a good man. Look at the way that he has lived his life. The media can't and are trying to find anything wrong about him. They can't. His motto is that of the church; " Charity never faileth…"

  • MormonMominFL

    I have been a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints all of my 46 years. I have always been taught that our church is politically neutral and does not endorse any political party or candidate. I've heard this for years from the pulpit around election time, even when a member like Romney wasn't running for President. There are both Democrats and Republicans and Independents in my family, who are all Mormons.

    We had a big surprise Sunday when Mitt and Ann Romney showed up for church in Boca Raton, FL—with all their secret service men as well. During the meeting, most of us knew he was there, but he wasn't officially welcomed from the pulpit. Maybe if were after the elections, he would have been. We couldn't resist looking at him and he was so pleasant and smiled and nodded. Poor guy, he can't get a break even at church! But we all tried to shake their hands and meet them afterwards.

    • Wow! That is really neat! Yes, I've been a member of The Church of Jesus Chris of Latter-day Saints for 51 years, and during EVERY election, they announce from the pulpit that the church does not endorse candidates, but they do encourage us to investigate the candidates and their platforms, then make our decision based upon how we feel. But since I am not an official spokesperson for our church, I can personally endorse Mitt Romney.

  • Esteban Cafe

    Let us not forget our familiar past and egregious embarassment when all Evangelicals lined up behind Msr James Carter…and what a debacle that turned into. If you Americans will do your duty without bigotry, you can rid your country–and our world–of this administration from hell.
    This election does not affect just you; the effect it will have on the rest of us is profound.

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  • Doug

    The Vote for Jesus as President is a nice idea, but at this time impractical. When our Father calls Jesus as the appropriate time, Jesus will rule and reign the whole world physically.
    I think the idea that Christians should write in Jesus name for President, if it caught on and Jesus was actually elected, who would stand in as President on his behalf (It may not be his time to come to earth yet). Will someone from one of the many "Brands", of Christians rule until the next election or until Christ returns himself. Will there be an argument from the many denominations who will stand in for Jesus. Will there be contention for the Methodists, Episcopals, Pentecostals, Presbyterian, Church of Christ, Congregationalists,seventh day adventists,Baptists, Catholics, Disciples of Christ etc. etc. etc. Each one of these will have the Doctrines they claim come from the Bible which they will follow, but which interpretations will differ from eachother. Will we be leaderless if the Vote for Jesus takes place and he is elected, and it is not time for him to come.
    For being Christian, the proponants of this idea are so immature that it would make me distance myself from them. All these Christians get their Doctrine and culture from the Bible, but each has a different interpretation of what the Scriptures say that they have to remain separate and single to themselves with church affiliation.
    This idea is so obsurd it sounds like its coming from little kids who want to make sure they get it each for themselves. Ridiculous.
    What if Jesus actually did visit Joseph Smith in 1823 and did Restore the Gospel. Then a vote for Jesus would be a Vote for Romney.

  • birrell82

    I was baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints when I was 17. I love the Lord with all my heart. He is everything to me and to other mormons. I pray this action is rethought. Mitt Romney is a good man and needs your vote. We must gather together and remove Obama from office. Please. Thank you!

  • hillplus

    A vote for Jesus is a vote for Barack Obama in this case!! Let me remind you of who he is. Obama is a man who is for partial birth abortion, a man who will force private entities to pay for abortifacients. A man who called those who oppose his policies his enemies. They cling to THEIR GOD AND THEIR GUNS. Mitt Romney is a good, God fearing man. A vote for Romney is a vote for religious liberty, a vote for life, a vote for families!!! VOTE ROMNEY!

    • me

      Not to mention, a vote that secures office for Obama is a vote against religious freedom. And if you look at Obama's actions regarding Benghazi and the Youtube filmmaker, it's clear that it's a vote against free speech as well. There's a reason the Founders put freedom of religion and freedom of speech in 1st amendment–you can't have one without the other.

  • lordbill55

    How silly people are. These are supposed to be adults and yet they are acting like children. I agree with many here, to write in Jesus's name is to make sure the wrong person gets in. One should vote, not because of personality, color of skin or what church the candidate attends, but will this candidate be best for the country. At least Romney has good morals.

  • Fox

    If Mitt Romney is elected, prayer (in the name of Jesus) will return to the White House. God will NOT be downplayed while Mitt serves. Christians of all kinds will find they have a voice in Washington D.C.

  • "Mormons ARE Christians!" We are the ONLY denomination whose name contains the full name of "Jesus Christ." We are, "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints." Jesus is "The Way, The Truth and the Light." We believe and we live by the teachings of the King James Version of The Holy Bible, we believe and live by the teachings of The Book of Mormon which is another testament of Jesus Christ being The Savior of the World. He is our Redeemer. He is the Great I Am. He is everything to us. Satan WANTS people to believe that we do not believe in Jesus Christ, because he wants people to keep OBAMA in office so we can be destroyed. Please go to mormon.org and see what we really believe.

    • utmom

      I didn't see one thing about Obama or Romney or that Jesus wants Obama out of office in mormon.org. I see a lot about love and kindness, which I notice seems to be sorely lacking in most of the posts I see by those calling themselves Mormons.

  • A vote for Jesus is a vote for Obama. So, by writing in Jesus, you are simply re-electing the man who believes in partial-birth abortion, the sanctification of homosexuality by redefining marriage, the man who states,"we are no longer a Christian nation." Vote for the man who gives 30% of his income to charity. Neither the IRS nor the leftist Press have found anything immoral about Mitt Romney. Mitt loves Jesus. He loves his neighbor as himself. He serves "the least of these," daily.

  • I'm tired of reading or hearing that Mormons are not Christian. Have any of these accusers even stepped into a Mormon Church and sat through a service? Or even talked to a faithful Member or stopped any of the Missionaries and asked them any questions? You would have a much better chance of feeling of "His Spirit" by doing so.

  • CPD

    Nothing like handing the Presidency to Obama on a silver platter! Are those Evangelicals willing to take what they'll be given with 4 more years of weak leadership? Let's get real. If you're really trying to be like Jesus, then follow your heart and vote for the one who shares your Christian values and is willing and eager to take a stand and lead America toward a brighter future…in this election, Mitt Romney is the one who will do that! A non-vote for Romney (by a write-in vote) is a gift to Obama. That's repulsive!

    • wantingmore

      absolutely agree with you; a travesty of our freedom!

  • peachyposey

    Good job, Obama was counting on your vote either way. Now, if he gets re-elected we will know where to send the thank you cards. Unfortunately, Jesus won't be available til' the second coming, or haven't you read that Bible you claim to love so much.

  • Peter

    Do you guys have any idea of how ridiculous you sound? No wonder the whole world is laughing at you because they can't believe what's happening. You may say you don't care what the rest of the world thinks but it does because whatever happens in the USA
    affects (infects?) all of us. For all you Mormons, has anyone in the Obama campaign ever raised the issue of Romney's religion, not that I'm aware of. You're voting for him because he's a Mormon, not for what he stands for, whatever he stands for. Sad days, indeed.

    • Dave

      Well Pete, perhaps the campaign itself has not mentioned Romney's faith. But many people in media (the majority of whom do support Obama) have mentioned it and they are very biased against the church. The media will do and say whatever it takes to elect Obama. Perhaps you are familiar with MSNBC. Their talking heads have multiple times said defamatory things against the church and Romney that are not true.

      • Peter

        Well, MSNBC isn't the only network out there and outlets like Fox News has there own bias. But Romney's religion is an an issue for many, especially among the evangelical crowd. Who cares what anyone's religion is? Someday, perhaps we'll see an atheist, gay female in the White House. Anyway, who pays much attention to the talking heads, what they say today is forgotten tomorrow. People would rather watch a reality show instead of thinking. Sad to say but American democracy is sick, and getting sicker with no cure in sight. I can say the same about Canada, by the way.

        • Would you rather have someone who, by his actions, has made it known that he supports abortion, gay marriage, "we are not a Christian nation", no national day of prayer, but Muslims having their holy day on the White House lawn, and spend, spend, spend. Or would you rather have someone that for the sake of argument, is not Christian, but believes in prayer, freedom of, not from, religion, believes in not going into debt, and smaller government? (to name a few). That is the choice. If you don't vote, don't complain later.

          • Peter

            I'm Canadian. And we recognize gay marriages and fund abortions even though we have an evangelical Dominionist Prime Minister. And, believe me, Canada is not falling apart. In fact, we have an office of religious freedom, meaning all religions.

          • utmom

            Again, President Obama defended the National Day Of Prayer in the courts when it was threatened by the Freedom From Religion Foundation.

        • Ken

          Yes our democracy is sick at the moment, that's why we need to put a man in office that has the principles to turn us back into the right direction. Romney is a good man. The way you speak we should just all give up. All we can do is vote for the best man. Romney is clearly the best choice. And yes his religion is the foundation for his core beliefs in what is good and what is not. Lets all reap the benefits of that goodness and not fuss about the particulars of which Christian faith he is. I vote for Mitt Romney.

  • WB

    I think one of the most devasting outcomes of casting a vote for Jesus is that you are indeed casting a vote for Obama. Bear in mind that Obama will pick our next few Supreme Court justices. His last picks were not stellar & were clearly liberal voices. There will be judges retiring in the next four years & these life-time appointments impact GENERATIONS. I can safely say the Obama would appoint liberal activist judges. I can also safely say that Romney would appoint judges who are not liberal & who are constitutional judges.
    Romney is a good man. You may not agree with his beliefs but you will not find a man better suited to take the helm at this point in our history.
    Yes, I am a Mormon but I am not voting for Romney based on religion — that would be foolish — it would be foolish to vote based upon religion alone & throw out all other criteria! Thankfully, I think that most people are smarter than that.
    Romney is a generous man — did you know that he anonymously had 7,000 cartons of milk delivered to a VA hospital in Massachusetts for YEARS at his own expense?? He is smart. He understands how jobs are created & destroyed. He believes in God & Jesus Christ & I think he does a very good job of walking the walk & not just talking the talking the talk.
    Jesus will come again & will reign on earth & we don't even need to vote on that! If it were possible to put Him the presidency today I'd absolutely cast my ballot for Him. But since God is the one in charge & the only one who can tell the day & time of His coming, then I think God has given us brains to use to cast our vote for the man who is most likely to restore Christian values & freedoms to the United States & that man IS Mitt Romney.

  • David

    Even if Jesus got 100% of the vote, He couldn't be President. Not born an American citizen

  • Mormons are christians!

  • Brenda

    I have absolutely no doubt that Mitt Romney himself would prefer that Jesus Christ were president. Until that option is immediately available, I will vote for the man who awaits the Savior's return as I do.

  • Not voting for anyone is not making a choice and we were put here by God to make choices. In making a choice for whom to vote for, you will never totally agree with any one candidate. (Do you always agree with everything your spouse says or does??) The OBLIGATION is to pick the one that you agree with the most on matters that are the most important in running the country, which is what we hire a president to do. We do not hire him as our pastor. When the fireman comes to put out the fire in your house, do you check first to make sure he is a Christian? Do you care more about whether a man is a good surgeon or whether he has the same exact beliefs as you??

    • Ken

      Well said.

  • WeThePeople

    Since when do we elect our leaders based on if they are an evangelical? If that's the case, then since all our politicians it appears are corrupt and have put us in this mess, isn't it safe to say that it would be the evangelicals fault? Maybe its time to try a Mormon in the white house, a good upstanding man who values family, life and liberty. Tell me, how does that appear to be satanic and evil when "by their fruits, ye shall know them." Romney is a good man, and voting for Jesus i think is disrespectful to His name and throwing your vote in the wind to whatever everyone else decides. That's not doing your duty in picking the best person to lead our country.

  • Rob

    The comment that most would concern a faithful Evangelical Christian is this: "this year's Republican and Democratic presidential choices are 'like satan flipping a two-headed coin with his head on both sides'." In this vein, we must apply the Holy Scriptures and apply the candidates to the test found in Matthew 7:16-20.
    "16 Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?
    17 Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit.
    18 A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.
    19 Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire.
    20 Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them."
    Clearly, the fruits of Barak Obama have been to erode Christian principles within our government, kill the unborn (and in the instance of "partial birth abortions," the newly born), destroy America through crippling debt, reduce our military to ineffectiveness, and to do so while partying with such characters from Hollywood as to offend the senses, to say nothing of his Chicago based cronies.
    Up to now, the fruits of Mitt Romney have been his family, a beautiful wife who has always been proud of her country, a successful business career (which allows him to donate 30% of his income to charity), an effective term as governor of one of the most liberal states in the union which he also turned around financially, a challenging role as director of the 2002 Olympics (which he took from the brink of bankruptcy to a successful profit), and an acknowledgment that there is a Creator who loves his children, and that Jesus is his personal Savior and Redeemer.
    The fruits are clear if we choose to write-in the name of any other person on our ballot, including the name of Him who saves us all. Or to sit out the election and not vote at all. Those fruits will be another Obama presidency which will turn out to be much more offensive as an attack on our Christian principles than we can possibly know.
    In this election, upon which hinges the future of our country, therefore, please vote for Mitt Romney. In your heart, your Church, and your spiritual life, please vote on the Lord.

  • The Lord uses Christians to do His will. Mitt Romney is a tool in the Lord's hands:) God bless him!!! God please protect Romney from the evils of the world…(2 Kings 6:15-17). "Do not be afraid," Elisha tells him. "Those who are with us are more than those who are with them."
    I can imagine the servant looking around, unable to see any opposing army. He looks at Elisha with terror still in his eyes, so Elisha prays, "O LORD, open his eyes so he may see." Then the servant looked "and saw the hills full of horses and chariots of fire all around Elisha"

  • Jema

    I think we should respect the right of all people to vote their conscience how they choose to. It bothers me that these people believe that Mormons are not Christians. This shows they are ignorant to the doctrine of the Mormon Church which clearly worships Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Even so, these people have the right to vote in Jesus if they wish to and this should be respected, instead of ridiculed. Especially by others who call themselves Christians.

    I believe that Romney is sincere when he says that Jesus Christ is his Savior. I have a lot of respect for Mitt as a person. He gives a lot to charity. He's a good family man. But this does not effect
    how I will vote. The oath of office for the President has to do with
    preserving, protecting and defending the Constitution of the United
    States. However good of a person Mitt may be, the past 5 years of
    seeing him in the political spotlight, in interviews and reviewing his
    record has shown to me that unfortunately, he does not understand nor
    respect the Constitution. A clear example of this is his willingness to
    have signed into law the NDAA if he were President, which strips the
    American people of their 6th Amendment right. That so many people are
    themselves clueless about the Constitution and clueless as to the rights
    that their Creator has endowed upon them, is why we vote for a person
    on whether they are a "family man" like Obama and/or Romney, whether
    they are a Mormon or not one, whether they are a Republican or Democrat, etc.
    instead of whether they can faithfully execute their oath of office.

    Unfortunately, neither Obama nor Romney would be able to do this. Like someone commented on before quoting scripture… and Matthew said "By their fruits ye shall know them" and the political fruits of both men have proven that they will NOT defend the Constitution as they BOTH continue to trample on it. I myself– being a Mormon– can NOT in good conscience vote for either man. And I don't believe in the brainwashed notion of a "wasted vote" that we've been fed by our media all these years and just regurgitate as our own thinking. I believe a better definition of a wasted vote is voting for the "lesser of the two evils"– the only two choses our media gives us– instead of voting our conscience. As a person, I don't believe Mitt is evil, I believe the contrary. Unfortunately, I cannot say the same for his political views. And as he is running for political office, this should be the highest priority, his political views and whether they are inline with the Constitution. NOT whether he's Mormon.

    • dennyofoz

      What about the freedom of religion and freedom of speech rights? Would you not vote for the candidate that would protect those? Obama has clearly shown that he does not uphold either of those.

    • Ladyblueyes22

      OBAMA signed into law the NDAA! Romney is for the constitution! Where the heck did you hear it was Romney? Please do some fact checking.

      • acks

        people make a huge deal about who is elected to president but almost no attention to there reps for the senate or congress, yet its those people who's votes actually decide who will be our president (Electoral College). I'm not saying don't vote, but get involved with the whole process if you really want to make a change. And if the electoral college is wrong again make a big huge stink about getting ride of it. I'm not sure how its still around after the last time it was different from what the american people wanted and look what a mess bush caused by staying in office a second term. It didn't matter who was elected after bush it would take more then 4 years to fix his mess. Please don't tell people that if you don't vote for Romney its a vote for Obama. The election process was never designed to have only have 2 parties, vote your heart and fight to change the system.

      • Jema

        Romney was specifically asked in a debate if he–as President–would have signed the NDAA into law just like Obama did. He answered, "Yes" he would have and was booed from the audience. He then tried to assure us that he would never abuse this power and that he had confidence that Obama would also not abuse this power. The point is… neither one of them should have this power in the first place!!!! This is what a King and Dictator is able to get away with… decide who needs to be executed without due process of law. This is a very scary law for all Americans. Even if you were to "trust" Romney with this power… who is to say that the next President wouldn't abuse it!?!?!? As far as being for the Constitution… how can a man who so willingly takes away our 6th Amendment rights could have any understanding for our Constitution?!?!? At least Obama openly walks all over it. We all know he's against the Constitution. But Romney claims to be for it, but through his actions tramples on it as well.

  • Wanda

    It is totally true. A write in for Jesus is a vote for Obama. If Christians cant figure that one out…

  • Romney supporter
  • klr56

    I hope that Christians put this to prayer and pondering what would Jesus do. He gave to Cesar what was the government's due. He participated. If Christians don't participate in the vote they are denying their God and allowing the Godless to win.

  • The Democratic Party has paid agents that pretend to espouse conservative views but whose function it is to discourage conservatives from voting for Republican candidates on the grounds that they are not "conservative" or "Christian" enough. Not saying that is what happened here, but the effect is the same as if Bill Keller was working directly for the Democrats. The Democrats also run "false flag" operations in which supposed "conservatives" will make public statements that are designed to embarrass conservatives and Republicans. Again, not saying Bill Keller is such an agent for the Democratic Party, but he seems to behave like one.

    • Peter

      Can we say paranoid, boys and girls?

      • utmom

        I should say! Holy Smokes!

  • Just an American grandma

    What is wrong with people??!! We are voting for an AMERICAN president not a CHURCH!!! Why can't we see that the current president in all likelyhood is NOT even American! He dishonors and does not even salute our beloved flag, he hates our national anthem, he makes excuses/apologies for our country to Arab countries, and gives many evidences of actually being a MUSLIM!! Do we want a Muslim or an American as president of the United States of AMERICA?? I would prefer a Mormon over a Muslim any day of the week!!

  • Theresa Ramseyer

    If you're going to be stupid enough to do this, then please don't bother voting for President. Waste of a vote.

  • Hope for the future

    As much as I Love Jesus, a vote for Jesus right now is a vote for Obama. This is just what the Dems wan't, is to get caught up in a dislike of another religion to their benefit. Vote for Romney if your interested in a President who is a God fearing man.

  • Five Eight

    A write in vote for Jesus is the stupidest thing I have ever heard! To throw away a vote like that is one more step in the distruction of our Republic. This Republic that we have is what has given these "Christians" the right to worship God in any manner they choose. To deliberately make a mockery of our voting PRIVILEGE, shows how ignorant they are to what our founding fathers fought and died for to give them; the religious freedom that they now enjoy! What a disrespectful action and slap in the face to all that have not only founded this country but who continue to protect our freedoms! The intelligent thing to do, is to evaluate the candidates and vote for the one that best supports our constitution and the freedoms that it provides. Who has a clear choice/vision that they not only believe in God, but "practice" their belief in God. The one who has compassion and passion for his fellow citizens and who will stand for their right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness regardless of religious/polictial affiliation. One who will champion for an individuals right to have a business, a job, a home and their right to "make it for themselves". Robbing the rich to give to the poor didn't work in feudal times it certainly will not work in modern times, why do you think our founding fathers left?

    • Sooyoung Choi

      Jesus is " the King of America"

      Mormons are Christians. They are even "more better Christians."

      I will be a citizen of America soon as well as a Korean citizen. I want the USA to be strong and good nation under God like the founding fathers had intended. Good Christians made America great. America is great because she is good. If America ever cease to be good, then the greatness of America will be ceased.

      President Barak Obama told that "America is no longer a Christian nation". if his remark is correct then America is no longer a great and good nation. Politically his remark may be right, but good Christians made this country great and good.

      America must remain as a good Christian country and should be the leader(not a great dictator) defending the inspired constitution and good tradition of being helpful to other less fortunate countries of the world. Good Christians in America should engage actively in politics and foreign relations and show gentlemanship and contaminate Christian values humbly and kindly. America is the best hope for this, and once again America is great because she is good.

      According to my observation and judgement, Mitt Romney is a very good man, a very good Christian, a very good disciple of Jesus Christ, and even very good friend of Jesus Christ who are helping " the least among us". He did not brag his helping hands and his goodness in helping his neighbors as himself, but many good people in America know his goodness. He is truly a good Christian, even more better Christian. He is able and good leader who follows the footstep of Jesus Christ.

      That is why I am praying every day for America to be a good Christian nation to defend liberty and freedom of human beings, who are Children of God. To do so, Mitt Romney should be the president of the U.S.A. Then he will be the best representative of Jesus Christ for America in dealing fairly to any religious group as well as any racial groups(even better and fail treat for African American and Latino group with Christ like charity). Even he will bless other countries of the World with his Christ like love for the other children of God.

  • Cheerio

    Both parties are corrupt and not of God. Both parties are being run by the socialist ideology. Yes even Mitt Romney is deceiving us, and I am a happy Republican minded Mormon. Both parties are big Federal Reserve/Government puppets. Bush, Clinton, O, all are puppets.
    Until we stop the division caused by left vs. right, black vs. white,rich vs. poor, gay vs. straight, Christian vs. "other" etc. all class and social warfare, divide and conquer tactics, we will keep going down.
    Ron Paul may have been cheated out of a chance, yes by the GOP, watch the convention, but ultimately we were cheated out of the chance to vote for someone who does think like God. Freedom. The Democrats are anything goes and force your way of life and thought on everyone, but the Republicans are the same way just in a different light.
    War? Both parties have been warring us for years, do we really question why others hate us? Our politicians have been bombing them and setting up their dictators for decades. Do we all think our soldiers are dying on foreign soil for God's war? Ask God yourself and wait for His answer. Our US politicians have been creating wars for decades, nearly a century, since this country was born. But specifically in the past 50+ years, politicians have been putting dictators in to power, toppling them, raising them up again, the real game of Risk, domination over world governments, power grabbing. Oil, money, power is king over any human casualty. Push "democracy" on our world neighbors is a lie. We are a republic therefore we don't push democracy, nor should we force or push anything on anyone. ( Not isolationism but non-interventionism, read the Constitution)
    Is this how your God works. Does he not give us full freedom, full choice, yes with natural consequences, the law is the law, but our Father in Heaven is not a God of force. That one is our Adversary, the false god of this world, coercion, force, deceit, division, conquer by the false war of peace. Peace, peace, and there is none..

    Our politicians have been given too much power and control, our Constitution warns our Founders warned us of these days. Both parties tout the New World Order, look it up yourself, both parties are the same, a one world all power yielding group of men, a government of men, not of God. The Government we need and should desire is not in either party, it is with us, within us to govern ourselves, through states rights, power to the people on a small scale, checks and balances.
    Instead we have bloated government, debt, power and deceit. Yeah I will vote for Romney the lesser of the two, but only so that he has the chance to be judged, sadly his policies will only divide us more and make my beloved church judged more because of his actions. Research: social warfare, socialism, the scriptures : ), progressive history (why society has so many ills), the John Birch Society, Milton Friedman, Thomas Sowell, Ayn Rand (yes an athiest but don't blame her cause she didn't know…she lived through socialism and warned how it was being embedded here in America), the LDS church by means of the direct sources, not anti, research the church itself, question God the Father if you dare ask HIm if it is true.
    Research how both parties are connected, yes, connected in thought, deed and history. Research Ron Paul, and his radial ideas of freedom, radical as our founders, freedom! what nonsense who ever heard of such a crazy idea!! His understanding of the civil war, of how we could have freed the slaves without war, but the Federal Government (progressives in action) wanted the war, wanted the division. Research the Federal Reserve, our full involvement in the United Nations. Both want to destroy our sovereignty, freedom, life.
    Think outside of your box, think for yourself if you dare then pray to God in the name of Christ, why is this so hard for Christians? Do you ask the right questions do you wait for His answer, follow the Spirit.
    I am a Mormon and I claim my privilege of being blessed to have the answers that will heal this nation. God is aware, but free agency, and free will is part of His plan. Free to decide, we are not compelled or forced, but left to be free. Yes unfortunately those who choose to hurt others cause much heartache but freedom comes from God, not from men or government.
    We the people have to wake up, or even the very elect will be deceived. Ron Paul was not just a candidate but for 35 years he has been warning of this day, he knows what goes on in D.C. and instead of being a part of it he fought it, alone. Research his own words and his idea of the radical Constitution. As Christians do we not believe it is inspired of God?
    Christians are divided, the right is divided, we are only strong when we come together under God, believing in Christ and follow in His footsteps, and listening to His voice. We can get nowhere if we are deceived and divided. Research how the socialist and Nazi govt infiltrated the churches and deceived a nation. Wake up America….

  • Since Jesus won't be sworn into office, please don't waste your vote! Control of the Supreme Court is in the balance. This is way too important to be making a statement vote!!!

  • The concrete evidence overwhelmingly indicates that the Biblical Jesus, was never in planet Earth. The documented historical evidence, the archaeological evidence, and the Bible all support the idea that the Biblical Jesus wasn't a real person, but an idea that grew into a legend, but still a phantasy. Read "The Bible Unearthed", "101 Myths of the Bible", or "The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Christian Myth", and do some actual research. The Bible stories don't stand up to investigation, any better than the Dragons, Unicorns, and Flying Serpents that the Bible mentions..

  • hillplus

    Oh, how sad for our country I am. We have crossed the Rubicon where more people choose evil than good. Those who wrote in Jesus are part of the problem. Now they better not complain as we all watch our freedoms and religious liberties disappear.

  • Peter C Nuttall

    If they really cared about Jesus, rather than using his name as a political vehicle, they might remember the things that Jesus taught.

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