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Logistical command center created for Christian intercessors who want to influence the vote

Logistical command center created for Christian intercessors who want to influence the vote

Back in March 2011, we learned that Christian "apostle" and "prophet" Cindy Jacobs made an appearance at Sarah Palin's church, the Wasilla Assembly of God, to unveil a prophetic vision about the 2012 elections in America's "Christian nation." Jacobs said that by the end of 2011, she and fellow New Apostolic Reformation prophets were hoping to "have 500,000 intercessors mobilized to pray for the nation for the 2012 elections to shift this nation to righteousness and justice." 10,000 intercessors per state would be mobilized.

The United States Reformation Prayer Network (USRPN) was launched in 2009 by Jacobs' organization, Generals International.  "USRPN is a logistical command center for coordination, cooperation and community building among intercessors," a press release issued on October 11 by Generals International states.

In an ongoing effort to mobilize the 500,000 intercessors, USRPN is now free of charge and "aims to bring its members free, credible and vetted prayer intelligence."

"USRPN built its internet-based communications platform to support a half-million "pray-ers" (10,000 in each U.S. state) by providing strategic information, prayer points and action items that will facilitate reforming the United States back to its biblical roots," Generals International goes on to report. "The fifty-state network connects these intercessors and serves them by providing breaking state and national information thereby facilitating coordinated, effective and targeted prayer."

Her husband and co-founder of Generals International, Mike Jacobs, says, "As a nation, we may now stand at a pivot point in history. If so, then as believers providentially placed in this land, we face a critical moment of decision. Many voices around the world agree — without a significant change of direction this year, the United States may be about to enter a period of devastating and irreversible decline."

The Jacobs recently worried that the Affordable Healthcare Act required each American to have an RFID chip embedded in a finger — a notion similar to other conspiracies advanced by Christian pastors who warned that "Obamacare" will force U.S. citizens to wear "the mark of the beast."

Cindy Jacobs rose to evangelical power after she was allegedly visited by an angel when she was suffering from depression.  She has claimed to exorcise demons of homosexuality, anointed the future president of the United States and preached that Christians should buy up all diamond mines and oil wells (same link).  She gained Internet attention from the secular world last year when she suggested that the massive bird and fish deaths in Arkansas were due to gay rights and that the murky, green camera mirage of a horseman riding through the riots in Cairo could be a supernatural sign of the 4th Horseman of the Apocalypse.

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