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Former Navy chaplain offers 'free' ebook alleging that President Obama has been 'ruled by up to 50 different evil spirits'

Former Navy chaplain offers 'free' ebook alleging that President Obama has been 'ruled by up to 50 different evil spirits'

If you give a donation of any amount to Chaplain Gordon James Klingenschmitt, PhD, of Pray in Jesus Name so that he can mobilize 2 million Christian voters by November 6, you get a "free" ebook, The Demons of Barack H. Obama: How the Gift of Discerning of Spirits Reveals Unseen Forces Influencing American Politics.  Klingenschmitt, a fundamentalist Christian popular with the far right, was discharged from his chaplaincy position in the Navy following a court martial.  He recently received his PhD and refers to himself as "Dr. Chaps."

According to Klingenschmitt's email alert about his offer, the book "has the power to awaken Church voters!" Among other things, the book examines:

--How to operate in the spiritual gift of discerning of spirits? (read Chapter 1 of the book.)

--Whether it is possible for a self-proclaimed Christian like President Barack H. Obama to be ruled by demons? (read page 29 of the book.)

--What the Bible says about how to see demons? (read p. 39).

--Whether President Obama is personally ruled by 50 demons?

All these answers are given specifically, just read Chapters 3 & 4, which apply my own PhD-level theological method to my friend Historian David Barton’s analysis of real-world events from 2009 to 2012.

Barton's recent history book, The Jefferson Lies, was dropped by Thomas Nelson Publishing because the publisher “lost confidence in the book’s details” after conservative clergy and both liberal and conservative leaning historians challenged the truth of Barton's facts.  A comprehensive analysis of the details contained in Barton's book is given in Debunking David Barton's Jefferson Lies, written by the Military Religious Freedom Foundation's senior researcher, Chris Rodda.

But Klingenschmitt's mission is not necessarily to publish a history book.  Instead, as explained in his email announcement, it is to motivate Christian voters to discern demonic spirits at work in the White House:

I just earned my PhD in Theology by writing my dissertation on the spiritual gift of discerning of spirits (explained in the Bible as the supernatural ability God gives some people to see angels, demons, and the Holy Spirit).

Do you believe in God, the Holy Spirit, Angels, and Demons?

I do. But these spirits are invisible, unless you have the gift.

My new book explains how YOU can receive the gift/ability to see the spirits! Not only that, it reveals 50 hidden demons ruling the heart of the 44th President of the United States, Barack H. Obama.

Am I saying Obama is demon-possessed? No. (see page 12 of the book.)

Am I saying Obama has been ruled, at different times, but up to 50 different evil spirits, as historically proven by his words and deeds? Yes. (see ch. 3 & 4 of the book).

Using the same PhD tested theological method I successfully defended in my PhD dissertation, I have developed a way to help you see the invisible spirits ruling in the heart of the 44th President.

And not only can you see them, but anybody can apply my method to see the evil spirits actually ruling Obama’s heart.

Sounds crazy? No, it’s actually logical, systematic, and biblical.

If this doesn't sound crazy to you, you can get the book at ObamasDemons.com.  Here's a partial screenshot of the email (the whole thing could not be captured due to its length):

Klingenschmitt's email

About D.

  • This really does the image of the Church no good at all. There is truth in demons but a demon cannot posses a Christian as no demon can live in the presence of the Holy Spirit. Obama says he is a Christian and thats enough for me!

    • Bruce Ludlow

      The fact that you believe in demons does exactly the same thing to the image of Christianity as this chaplain does. Good job.

  • Peter

    The scary thing is that according to the MRFA about 20-25% of Military Chaplains have a similar mindset. I wonder where he got his PhD from. A store from diploma mill?

  • whitebird33

    Free is usually good, but not in this case. I'll pass. This man's ideology is down right scary.

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  • I live in the UK and I am amazed that in a country where you land complex creations upon distant and alien worlds that you have people who still believe in demons and similar, it is astounding that this document was published. In the Middle Ages/Dark Ages people in the UK believed in witches and demons, but then we had the Enlightenment and put most of that silliness behind us. What next? Talking snakes? Seriously USA, WTF?

    • Deborah_B

      It is disturbing, isn't it? And it seems to be getting more extreme as the years go by.

    • Adalis

      I'm of the opinion that part of the reason so many in this country believe this idiocy is because we, unlike Europe, never had an Enlightenment phase in our history. But it's very obvious that we're in desperate need of one.

    • Devin Rogers

      I believe in ghosts and goblins. Is there a problem with that sir!?

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  • Fred

    You can't buy this kind of comedy.

  • michelleblessing@hotmail.com

    There is no doubt that Obama is being influenced by numerous demons. Nobody could be that evil and not have help from the devil and his demons. Thank you for saying like it is, and exposing the demonic realm and the pure evil that resides in the white house right now.

    • Thackerie

      Joking? Or just another delusional fundy?

      • Deborah_B

        I don't think it's a joke.

  • Diane Patyjewicz

    Where was his PhD of Divinity purchased from?
    And I'm sure he will laugh all the way to the bank!

    • Spuddie

      I am in the wrong business. Evidently there is some good money to be had in Divinity diploma mills.

    • Kate

      Regent University. Of course.

  • godlessveteran

    Describing this man's craziness greatly impugns the good name of "bat guano" as an adjective.

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  • Free? I rather pay $0.01 for Joe the Plumber's book on Amazon, because then I can get a refund

  • God, the holy spirit, angels, and demons are imaginary unless you are insane. If you think you can actually SEE them then you seriously need the help of a good psychiatrist.

  • Doc

    This is interesting from a professional point of view. How does one manage a team of 50 demons? Do you let them work in shifts? How do you pick the members? In what union are they in? Can you make them work in daylight?

  • She received her business education at UT and elsewhere. I guess that means she flunked out of UT and never got a degree. Ruled by demons? What nonsense, who gets to decide that? Why does this guy use "PHD" so many times in his article? Rick Santorum would call him a snob.

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  • Jean-Francois Morf

    About 30 billionaires hedge funds managers ask often Obama for insider news, and give him cash back for his campaign… It makes the first 30 evils!

  • george_in arvada

    I used to worry and sweat about jerks like this so-called Chaplain, but I simply sayTthe Lords Prayer…apply Tthe Great Commandment–not the Great Commission–and move on with my life. IT FEELS SO GOOD to forget about him and to forget the Great Commission Mandate…and leave such an idiot and rigid ideology behind in the dust of history…with others like David Barton, Pat Robertson, James Dobson, et al, and their failed strategies..

  • Kate Rauner

    Carl Sagan said something about it being a prescription for disaster when few people in a society understand science – it will blow up in our faces.

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  • k.c.

    Well unbelievers! Here we are 3yrs later! From last comments made…NOW WOT ARE YOUR VIEWS! …GOD! COME ON DOWN! im welcoming it…but do b aware..theres gonna b 'hellish' times on earth before then….soon..but only god decides when he's had enuf to put his foot down….an act accordingly!

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