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Over a million sign pledge to 'vote for Jesus' for president

Over a million sign pledge to 'vote for Jesus' for president

For a few months now, we've been following evangelist Bill Keller's "Vote for Jesus" campaign and logged on to see how things are going.

At our last count in mid-August, around 320,000 people had signed an online pledge committing to write in Jesus Christ's name as their presidential choice.  Now it's over a million … 1,045,559 to be exact.  (The number might be higher by the time this story posts.)

Keller, who runs LivePrayer.com, says that the Republican and Democratic choices are "like "satan flipping a two-headed coin with his head on both sides."  He takes issue with President Obama's stances on Israel, abortion and same sex marriage, saying that these positions are not Christian, and is deeply critical of GOP challenger Mitt Romney's Mormon faith, calling the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints a "cult" and that its members are lying "when they claim to be Christians, since Mormon doctrine is 100% inconsistent with Biblical Christianity and a Mormon is no more a Christian than a Muslim is." According to Keller, Romney "deceives people by saying he believes in 'God' and 'Jesus' as his savior" and that Mormons like Romney "look at Biblical Christians as inferior and non-believers for rejecting the beliefs of their cult."

The Vote for Jesus website includes state-by-state instructions on how people can write in Jesus Christ as their presidential choice. Judging by the information provided, it looks like voters from heavily religious states like Mississippi, Oklahoma and Louisiana are not allowed to write in Jesus' name.

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  • Peter

    Good, less votes for Romney/Ryan. In my humble Canuck opinion.

    • Jon

      Spoken like a good socialist.

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  • JediMormon

    Keller claims that Mormons like Romney "look at Biblical Christians as inferior and non-believers for rejecting the beliefs of their cult."

    I'm Mormon, and I certainly don't "look at Biblical Christians as inferior. I don't know any Mormons who do.

    I realize that I'm blowing smoke in the wind when I say this, but Keller needs to stop lying and follow the words of Jesus more closely. I wonder if he's ever heard of the Beatitudes. (I'm sure he has, but just chooses to ignore them.)

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  • I am a Mormon

    I strongly believe in every American's right to vote for whomever they chose. However , I also believe that we have a moral obligation to use our vote to accomplish good for our country. If enough people decide to write in "Jesus" as their presidential choice, all they will accomplish is ensuring a win for Barak Obama.

    I am curious as to people's expected outcome. Christ has no need to be elected our President. He would never come to occupy that office. He is already, by natural right, our King. When He does come, it will not be at the whim of an American electorate, but to take his rightful place as Lord of the whole earth.

    We as Christians have truly got to stop hating one another. What will He say to us when He comes and we realize that all of the enmity between us has left us completely unworthy of His association? He's actually told us: "I never knew you, Depart from me, ye workers of iniquity"

    I know that I would like to have a much closer relationship with Him than that.

  • DCW17

    Those who say they cannot vote for a Mormon probably ought to reread Christ's parable of the Good Samaritan. Didn't Christ "vote" for the Samaritan? The issue of gay marriage is the biggest issue in my lifetime. I would really rather not have gay "families" in my children's books at school, on billboards, in music, and in greater numbers on TV, and in movies. I appeal to anyone with a conscience to stand together regardless of religion and use your one and only vote to elect candidates who are not in favor of abortion and gay marriage. Presidents are elected for a few years, but once gay marriage is accepted it will be with us forever.

  • mossymom

    The Bible states that by their fruits ye shall know them. Romney has a deep belief in God, has an amazing record of serving his fellow men, is pro-family, pro-religious freedom, pro-life. Obama is none of these things. I am proudly voting for Mitt Romney! A non-vote is a vote for Obama as far as I'm concerned.

  • Ann Marie

    This is outrageous and irresponsible advice. You are advocating taking votes from a candidate who deserves to win. Those who follow your advice have no brain, because this is a no-brainer. This is the most important election in our lifetime. Our economy, our national security, the way we define marriage, millions of lives of babies and our children's future depend on electing the best candidate.

    When you vote, think: What would Jesus do? He certainly would not vote for himself! And he would NOT vote for the man who voted to leave dying babies from botched abortions in the corner of a room to die and voted to permit the savage procedure of partial birth abortion like Obama did. (This is fact, in Obama's record.) Jesus would not vote for such a man as Obama!!!

  • Donald…

    Don't believe the number on the counter – the votes are not verified. Votes by Mickey Mouse are counted.

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