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Former Church of Scientology members report horror stories to Russia Today

Former Church of Scientology members report horror stories to Russia Today

The Church of Scientology is facing growing scrutiny.  Russia Today (RT) visited with former members who had horror stories to report.

From Los Angeles, Karen de la Carriere told RT, "Little did I know how the Church of Scientology would destroy my family, turn my son against me, let his body lie in a morgue, deny me a last look." She told RT that when she left the Church of Scientology two years ago, the church forced her son, Alexander Jentzsch, to cut off ties with her.  "To deny me one last look, 15 seconds I begged of the funeral director.  I said eyes only, I won't tell the media, let me just have 15 private seconds with my son."

The Village Voice reports that the 27-year-old son of Heber Jentzsch, the Church of Scientology's president, died on July 3.

As to Heber Jentzsch, Jentzsch reportedly fell out of favor with the Church's leader and has been kept at "The Hole," according to reports from ex-Scientology members given to RT.  RT reports that he had not been seen since 2004, but he was seen at the Church's memorial service for his son Alexander.

Describing "The Hole," Steve Hall told RT, "That place was actually turned into an actual lock down prison."  Hall worked at the Church's international headquarters alongside Church of Scientology leader David Miscavige. A former senior writer for the Church of Scientology International, Hall told RT, "I decided to leave in December of 2003 after being assaulted and battered by David Miscavige and also witnessing him physically beating his staff, among other criminal actions."

"He was brutal," de la Carriere confirmed to RT. "He hit people every day and people were electrified."

Hall said he was forbidden to leave Church grounds. "There was a fence going all the way around the property with razor wire so you can't climb over, and if you do, there are motion sensors and security lights that come on."

The Church of Scientology vehemently denies the claims of abuse. As to Alex Jentzsch, the Church issued a letter to RT that stated,

Ms. de la Carriere chose to leave the Church voluntarily. She became an apostate. For two or more years she has been a part of a small group of anti-Scientologists who methodically generate false and disparaging statements about the Church of Scientology. The allegation that the Church prohibited Ms. de la Carriere from contacting Alex is false. Any decision which Alex made not to communicate with his mother was made by Alex -- not the Church.

The Church has faced increased scrutiny after the divorce of high-profile Scientologist Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. It is rumored that Holmes wanted out of the marriage, in part, to get her and her daughter away from Scientology. The Church of Scientology caters to celebrities like Cruise and John Travolta. It has a Scientology Celebrity Center in Los Angeles.

"Tom Cruise and John Travolta were treated like royalty, like Saudi kings," de la Carriere says. "They never saw the darker side. They were pampered."

The activist group Anonymous has been protesting the Church of Scientology for years.

Despite the controversy surrounding it, the Church of Scientology claims that the religion is "growing faster today than at any other time in history" and "welcomes 4.4 million new people each year." Claiming that "there is an unprecedented worldwide demand for the knowledge of Dianetics and Scientology," it operates a gigantic state of the art publishing center that spans an entire city block in Los Angeles and produces millions of books and CDs each year.

Former Scientologists find the huge growth of membership in the church hard to believe.

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  • Jory

    The Web has excellent sites that prove that the actual number of scientologists in the whole world runs between 40.000 and 200.000. No more.

  • KeepOnLearning

    That "poor victimy lady" is no victim.

    She is and obnoxious and constantly fabricating family aggressor. She gets no credence form me.
    Since she had some snit with someone in the church and left, she hasn't stopped criticizing anything and everything about it that she can think of.
    Doing this obsessively and compulsively at every opportunity–even seeking out media publicity opportunities to vent her "rejected mama" story, she thus alienated her son, his wife and her family, and her ex. All because she went into ongoing public ranting and raving.
    I wouldn't have let her near the proceedings either.

    By their works shall ye know them.

    And you DARE to quote and give credibility to The Village Voice? That rag has been fostering teenage prostitution in its classifieds for decades. It has come under legal fire, and — instead of recanting a mistake — hires lawyers to fend off courts so they can continue their sleazy and highly profitable ads.

    The Church of Scientology is maligned only by religion-haters, dismissed staff, and ex-members who couldn't adhere to its strict morality.

    You are on the wrong side of this dispute.

    • scnethics

      Please wake up. My family has been broken apart by the "church" of scientology. Parents and children, siblings, cousins, etc. not speaking to each other because the "church" says if they do, they'll be cut off too (everyone will be ORDERED to disconnect from them).

      Fortunately for my family and for society, the "church" is on the wrong side of history. I would encourage you to "keep on learning". No one with half a brain is joining anymore. You're losing members (and power) every day. L. Ron Hubbard lied about his entire past and the "creation" of scientology.

    • LAIR…. IT IS A CULT…

    • Richard Kaminski

      Strict Morality?

      As a covert spokesperson for the church, KeepOnLearning, you give yourself away easily.

      L Ron Hubbard specifically stated that morals were "an arbitrary code of conduct not necesarily related to reason." The morals of your church are: a) to keep its impoverished and dwindling membership under the delusion that they are following L Ron Hubbard, b) to merilessly crush any voice raised in opposition, and c) to retain its leader David Miscavige in a billionaire lifestyle.

      Your church pretends parity with conventional religions but rejects their implicit refuge in humanity and humility. Your church does not practice Scientology but a fiendishly malign version of it devised by Mr Miscavige, in open defiance of L Ron Hubbard's mandate, KSW.

      As a fully devoted student of L Ron Hubbard it is my duty to deter to the fullest extent of my power anyone misusing or degrading Scientology to harmful ends, hence my reply.

      Richard Kaminski UK

      • KeepOnLearning

        At worst, Mr. Kaminski is purposely dissimulating. At best, he is very out of touch. He misleads readers in several regards about the Church of Scientology, specifically:

        1) One need only read Hubbard's The Way to Happiness" book/booklet to see how a strict but humane morality is a mainstay of Scientology. Some chapter-headings include:

        – Be Temperate

        – Don't be Promiscuous

        – Honor and Help Your Parents

        – Don't Do Anything Illegal, plus another 20 or so.

        2) As Scientologists, our family are FAR from Kaminski's picture of"impoverished." We purchase vacations, cars, meals out, insurance and electronics — as much as any other middle-class family who watch too many TV commercials! ;>)

        3) Chairman of the Board Miscavige works 12 to 20 hours a day, lives in a modest apartment, and probably takes fewer vacations than we do!

        If that's a "billionaire lifestyle," I don't want his, thank you!

        • Richard Kasminski

          The Way To Happiness is a fine booklet, there are many such publications to be found in the bookstores of all religions, each as sincere as the other. Similarly, the Church of Scientology tries to emulate other religions by adopting their vocabulary, by its program of erecting and refurbishing buildings, advertising itself, currying favor in high and low places, outreach initiatives, handling the public media, and yes, dealing with flaps and critics.

          But where are the Clears?

          • NoScinoPedos

            L Ron Hubbard is a fucking pedofile and his son has exposed him, fuck all of you snakey cunts. No one needs you and your shitty pedo cult. Watch this everyone and here the man for yourself. The depraved words of a predator. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VslPiVAfPRk

      • burythenuts

        Go Richard! Thank you for calling out Miscavige.

    • burythenuts

      You are an out and out liar about Karen. LIAR, plain and simple. Every single word she said about the Co$ is true. And she was just barely gettin warmed up.
      The Co$ is a Ponzi scheme and a scam. What church charges you $400,000.00 or more to give you its scriptures.
      We are Legion and you are liars.

  • anne enstine

    CULT, CULT, CULT,……and anyone who says different are BRAIN DEAD!!!! My God hears my prayers no matter were i am,…I don't need a church, a group, a leader or give up my freedom and money for Him to hear or except me.

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