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Psychic Sylvia Browne touring the US and Canada on 50th anniversary tour

Psychic Sylvia Browne touring the US and Canada on 50th anniversary tour

In the spring of 2011, Sylvia Browne — a psychic made famous from her appearances on the Montel Williams Show — suffered a heart attack while visiting Hawaii. She's recovered and is now following an intense schedule of appearances throughout the United States and Canada as part of her "50th Anniversary Tour."

The prices for 50th Anniversary Tour admissions appear to vary, with some as low as $35 — a bargain compared with the charges for personal telephone "readings"  which cost $800 for a half hour with Sylvia and $500 for a half hour with her son.  Brown's website says that she and son, Chris Dufresne, are "the best psychic readers in the world."  The website is filled with testimonials from people who claim that their lives were enhanced by Brown and her son's psychic insight.

But Brown's abilities have been debunked by critics such as Robert S. Lancaster who runs the "Stop Sylvia Brown" website.  The more famous skeptic, James Randi, has an online clock running on his website concerning Brown's acceptance of his $1 million challenge, which explains, "The new Sylvia Browne Clock is placed here so that interested readers can follow an ongoing situation. The original clock started March 6th 2001, and ran 181 days. Then Sylvia agreed, on September 3rd 2001, to the suggested protocol for a definitive test of her claimed powers, for the JREF (James Randi Educational Foundation) million-dollar prize.  We still have a variety of very well-qualified savants, here and abroad, who are willing to participate. We have major centers of learning and a prominent parapsychologist on tap, ready and willing to design, supervise, and conduct proper tests of her ability.  Stay tuned.  It has been over 5 11 years since Ms. Browne publicly accepted this latest phase of the challenge." (Editor's note – We updated the number of years.)

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    I don't know what I think of her. I've some of her books and she seems a bit over confident and in all honesty, visually speaking I do not trust her solely based on her looks. Shallow I know but, I have my own gut I listen to on occasion.

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