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Van Impe ministry claims that President Obama denies Christ and is 'biblically hostile'

Van Impe ministry claims that President Obama denies Christ and is 'biblically hostile'

According to end times preacher Jack Van Impe, President Obama is among the people who "deny Christ and the cross" and are "enemies of the cross of Christ."  Accompanied with commentary by his wife Rexella, Van Impe declared in the September 22 broadcast of Jack Van Impe Presents that the president is anti-Christian and anti-Bible and has allowed "radical Muslim lobbyists" to "infiltrate and penetrate the White House" while at the same time, radical Islamists are scheming to bring about Armageddon and a nuclear war that will wipe out one third of the world's population.  (See video embedded below.)

The Christian ministry is selling a DVD called "The President of Change Shortchanges America" and along with a "gift of just $24.95" the Van Impes will include their list of 50 things (scratch that, 56 things) that the president allegedly said or did that prove that he's "America's Most Biblically Hostile President."

In the theme of their "Obama is anti-Christian" presentation, Rexella Van Impe cited a World Net Daily article in her list of global headlines topics.  "This first one shocked me!," she said with excitement.  "Backlash brewing over Obama's anti-faith actions! Whoa!"  The article is a rant by religious right activists Bishop E. W. Jackson and Mat Staver of Liberty Counsel who declared that the Democrats are bent on transforming the nation into a hotbed of "sexual perversion" and "doing away with all symbols of our Judeo-Christian culture."

"I have a list here of 50 things that the president has done […] in anti-faith actions," Rexella began, but was quickly corrected by her husband, who said that his research revealed that he found that the president had committed 56 anti-Christian actions. They discussed six of them (the video, from which this transcript is based, is embedded below.  We have added some fact checks}:

The president "removes symbol of Jesus" before speaking at Georgetown University.

REXELLA: April on 2009, when speaking at Georgetown University, Obama orders that a monogram symbolizing Jesus' name be covered when he was making his speech. Jack, I tell you, that … can you give me a [inaudible] for that  …

JACK: Covering the name and picture of Jesus, I tell you why. Because he was knew the Muslim world would be listening and they hate the cross, and he's always giving preferential treatment to them. We'll see more of it.

{ FactCheck.org points out that the symbol immediately behind the podium was covered to provide a "presidential backdrop" and that "Georgetown University and the White House have said this was not a case of any kind of religious cover-up."  FactCheck goes on to point out that "the letters ‘IHS’ [were] posted elsewhere around the hall approximately 26 times and that Obama mentioned Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount in his remarks. There are also religious paintings visible high above Obama’s head in MSNBC’s video of the speech."}

The National Day of Prayer.

REXELLA: All right, would you go on with number two there.

JACK: May 2009, Obama declines to host services for the National Prayer Day, a day established by federal law at the White House. He hasn't done it for the last few years. Oh, he goes to a few ministerial meetings and says I'm a Christian, and next week I'm — are you listening, ladies and gentlemen? We're going to search into what history books and others are saying as to his Christianity. And I'll be quoting from the Chicago Sun Times and USA Today. Let's find out how deep that Christianity really is.

{The president has consistently signed the proclamation for the National Day of Prayer, which is all that the president is required to do, and his administration defended the National Day of Prayer when Wisconsin Judge Barbara Crabb ruled in a case brought by the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) that government endorsed prayer was unconstitutional.  In April, 2011, the Obama administration's appeal resulted in a Court of Appeals decision that found that FFRF and its represented plaintiffs "do not have standing to continue their challenge of the 1952 congressional act declaring an annual National Day of Prayer and requiring the president to issue a proclamation exhorting citizens to pray.  The panel reasoned that the proclamation for prayer causes no harm because citizens are not compelled to participate." Snopes writes that "George W. Bush is the only president who has regularly organized White House events in observance that day: President Ronald Reagan hosted only one throughout his eight years in office (a 1982 Rose Garden event), President George H.W. Bush also hosted only one during his four years in office (a 1989 State Dining Room breakfast), and President Bill Clinton hosted none at all in the course of his eight-year presidency."  During George W. Bush's presidency, James and Shirley Dobson and others involved with the non-governmental "National Day of Prayer Task Force" participated in prayer events at the White House.  The National Day of Prayer Task Force references the seven areas associated with 7 Mountains Christian Dominionism in its mission statement and excludes non-Christian groups from organizing its National Day of Prayer activities.  There have been efforts by interfaith groups to organize more inclusive events.}

E pluribus unum — Out of many, one.

REXELLA: Oh Jack, I'll be so interested in what you have to say there. Then on November 2010, Obama misquotes the national motto. Do you know what the national motto is? Of course, very important. But he said it is E pluribus unum rather than in God we trust as established by federal law. In God we trust was established by that law, Jack.  I'm amazed that he changed it.

JACK: But he's speaking in Muslim nations and they might say to him, which god? Is it Allah or is it the Jewish God Yahweh or his son who is God the second member of the Trinity the Lord Jesus Christ? Which one is it? Exodus 20:3, the first commandment, if you're a Jew or a Christian, you must obey. There shall be no other gods before me, just Yahweh and the Lord Jesus Christ.

{E pluribus unum was the de facto national motto until 1956 (around the same time that "under God" was added to the Pledge), during the Cold War and McCarthyism.  The phrase appears on the Great Seal of the United States and has been has been used since 1782.  Obama incorrectly remarked that the American motto is "E pluribus unum — out of many, one" at a speach in Jakarta, angering Republican representatives who the president characterized as deciding that it was more important to work on a bill reaffirming the "In God We Trust" motto and encouraging its display in all public schools and government buildings rather than working on the American Jobs Act legislation.}

Christian proselytizing in the military.

REXELLA: You know, Jack, you're going to read the next one. This breaks my heart because it has to do with our veterans. June, 2011, would you read it?

JACK: The Department of Veterans Affairs forbids references to God and Jesus during burial ceremonies at Houston National Cemetery. What a shame. Oh, and he always blames it on the Pentagon. When Billy Graham's son was cancelled for the day of prayer, he was leading, Obama wasn't going to be there, the Pentagon says you cannot be there because you were critical of 9-11. Who wouldn't be when 19 Muslim murderers killed 3,000 innocent people? Let's go on, Rexella.

{The controversy began when local veterans were angered when the new cemetery director at the Houston National Cemetery began enforcing a 2007 policy initiated under the Bush administration that prohibits volunteer honor guards from reading recitations, including religious ones, in their funeral rituals, unless families specifically request them.   The issue was settled in federal court in September 2011, which reaffirms families' personal preferences about religious services at the funerals.  This incident had absolutely nothing to do with some sort of "anti-Christian" agenda promulgated by President Obama.  As to Franklin Graham not being able to conduct his National Day of Prayer ceremony at the Pentagon, Graham's appearance was cancelled because he "reportedly described Islam as 'evil' and 'wicked'" and that in the midst of troops fighting in Islamic countries, Col. Tom Collins of the Army asked Graham to rescind the prayer invitation because "This Army honors all faiths and tries to inculcate our soldiers and work force with an appreciation of all faiths and his past comments just were not appropriate for this venue." The Military Religious Freedom Foundation had documented a troubling level of Christian proselytizing in the U.S. military, where servicemen who are physically, emotionally and mentally exhausted are targeted for conversion so that they may become "government paid missionaries" and thus endangering troops in areas where Muslims perceive the United States as engaging in a holy war.}

Roosevelt's D-Day prayer and Democrats overtaken by communists.

REXELLA: All right, Jack. And this is the last one on my list today. November 2011, Obama opposes inclusion of Franklin Delano Roosevelt's famous D-Day prayer in the World War II memorial.

JACK: I'll tell you why this prayer was banned in a moment. First of all, remember, it's 1944 and the next morning is D-Day and everyone is frightened because thousands of our boys will be slaughtered in that war. And our president wants to comfort them. And as I read that prayer, I wept because he invokes God. He didn't bring a speech. He said tonight is just going to be my prayer for America and for my boys and used the name of God a number of times. We have a president that doesn't want to use the name of God, as you've just heard, as he goes around the world. He tries to omit it. Why? You better ask him. But I'm going to say this. You remember what happened at the Democratic convention just a few weeks ago? They said, we have banned the term God from the platform. You don't use it. Well man, there was an uproar, and they took a vote. And they said, do you want the name God used and God blessed, expressions like that, and they had hands raised for yea and nay. And as they looked, they said the yeahs get it. Baloney. The nays started booing, booing! Could this be some of those Communists that the great Black representative in Congress tells us about, stating there's 78, 81 Communists? Could this be because the Communist Party on two occasions has backed this president which is a first in history? Wait a minute! Do you remember what we've just read, that this man is trying to ban the term God as he travels around the world? Even in God we trust? He's behind all of this. And then he gets up and gives his speech and ends it with God bless, God bless America! Man, that's hypocrisy, I tell you, to the limit. And remember that Psalms 14:1 and Psalms 53:1 says the fool has said in his heart there's no God. And there are a lot of good Christians in that Democratic party. Why are you putting up with them as they are trying to get rid of your god? Take you stand!

{The  World War II Memorial Prayer Act of 2011 never made it past the House of Representatives.  World War II Memorial Prayer Act of 2012 was passed by the House and has not moved in the Senate.  The president has not vetoed it because it has never made it to his desk.  However, Robert Abbey, Director of the Bureau of Land Management, testified to Congress that "The Department cannot support H.R. 2070, which essentially proposes adding another commemorative work to the existing World War II Memorial and as such is contrary to the Commemorative Works Act. We support the continued application of this law which, by prohibiting encroachment by a new commemoration on an existing one, respects the design of this completed work of civic art without alteration or addition of new elements.  The World War II Memorial was authorized on May 23, 1993, by Public Law 103-32. In 1994, Congress approved its placement in the area containing the National Mall in Public Law 103-422.  Its location at the site of the Rainbow Pool was approved in 1995 by the National Park Service (NPS) on behalf of the Secretary of the Interior, the Commission of Fine Arts (CFA), and the National Capital Planning Commission (NCPC). In July 1997, the CFA and the NCPC reaffirmed prior approvals of the Rainbow Pool site in recognition of the significance of World War II as the single-most defining event of the 20th Century for Americans and the world. Even so, there were challenges to the establishment of this memorial. The design we see today was painstakingly arrived upon after years of public deliberations and spirited public debate. The Commemorative Works Act specifically states that a new commemorative work shall be located so that it does not encroach upon an existing one. It is not a judgment as to the merit of this new commemoration, simply that altering the Memorial in this way, as proposed in H.R. 2070, will necessarily dilute this elegant memorial's central message and its ability to clearly convey that message to move, educate, and inspire its many visitors. The Department strongly believes that the World War II Memorial, as designed, accomplishes its legislated purpose to honor the members of the Armed Forces who served in World War II and to commemorate the participation of the United States in that conflict. It should not be altered in the manner suggested by H.R. 2070."

The "great Black representative in Congress" that Van Impe refers to is Allen West, who proclaimed in April that "between 78 and 81 Democrats in Congress who are members of the Communist Party." West, a Republican who is characterized as an extremist for saying things like 'Social Security is a form of slavery,' is challenged by Patrick Murphy this year in Florida's 18th District.  The Democratic National Convention rewrote a phrase involving "God-given potential," which created the "God controversy."  It was President Obama who intervened to have "God" added back into the platform language.}

Deniers of Christ.

The Van Impes are drawing their list of the president's alleged anti-Biblical behavior from a list reportedly circulated by Texas preacher David Barton, discredited for his version of Christian nationalist history when Thomas Nelson Publishers dropped Barton's book, The Jefferson Lies.  The People for the American Way's blog, Right Wing Watch, has documented hundreds of strange and untruthful allegations made by Barton.

"Anyone who denies the relationship between God the Father and God the Son is an anti-Christ!" Jack Van Impe declared, adding @17:48,  "When they wanted to cover Jesus because our president demanded it before he would speak through the entire world from Georgetown University, mark it down, this was the reason — these people who deny Christ and the cross are enemies of the cross of Christ. Philippians 3:18."

An ad for "The President of Change Shortchanges America" was injected into the program after the two talked about Jesus and about how the Muslims are about to incite Armageddon and that the Arab nations, Russia and China will wipe out "one third of the population" in a nuclear war.  The result will be a "new world order" where the "flag of Islam" flies everywhere, according to the Van Impes.  The movie ad links the president to this Islamist takeover, claiming that the Obama administration "supports terroristic organizations" and that radical Muslim lobbyists are allowed to "penetrate and infiltrate the White House."

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  • Larry Linn

    United States of America should have a foundation free from the influence of
    clergy."— George Washington

    "The United States Constitutional Convention, except for three or four
    persons, thought prayers unnecessary."— Benjamin Franklin

    "This nation of ours was not founded on Christian principles."—
    John Adams

    "Religious bondage shackles and debilitates the mind and unfits it for
    every noble enterprise."— James Madison, letter to William Bradford,

    "As the Government of the United States of America is not, in any
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  • Peter

    Hmmm. $24.95 "gift" for DVD that cost a buck to make! Just proves P.T. Barnum of the Barnum & Baily Circus right. When asked why he was so successful, Barnum replied: "There's a sucker born every minute."

  • The modern day Pharisees. So confident of their righteousness and yet so willing and eager to lay false witness to achieve political goals. How does one reconcile this hateful judgmental brand of right wing Christianity to what the gospels say? One that actually owes more to the philosophy of Ayn Rand than it does to Jesus Christ.

    Ayn Rand's philosophy, one that most Republicans cite as influential and that VP candidate Paul Ryan even compelled his staffers to read, is all about the "god of I", "selfishness as a virtue" , "the winners, the successful (monetary success of course) vs the rest of us, the "moochers". How is this at all having ANYTHING at all to do with what jesus and the scriptures command us to do? Care for the poor, for the sick, for the widows, for the prisoners, the immigrants. The least will be first, and the first, last.

    As for Ayn Rand's philosophy, Anton LaVey, the founder of the Church of SATAN, cited Rand's philosophy as the cornerstone of his 'religion'. This is what the Republican party has become. Something that can be argued is SATANIC. And all the while using abortion and gays, two topics that Jesus said NOTHING about, as the overriding, overarching issue of our faith. And of course this disdain for the poor and the immigrant. It's wrong and more and more Christians, at least ones whose political ideology isn't more important than their faith, are growing tired of.

    And yes, I've heard the arguments. when it comes to HELPING, then suddenly it's not up to government to lift a finger to help. BUT when it comes down to religious PROHIBITION, suddenly the power of Government is perfectly OK. it's hypocritical and it's coerced morality. Something that pleases and honors NO ONE.

  • The Lord's

    Preach it Jacka and Roxella! Jesus is coming soon! Love you both!

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