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Berlin theater plans a screening of the anti-Islam movie, 'The Innocence of Muslims'

Berlin theater plans a screening of the anti-Islam movie, 'The Innocence of Muslims'

German politicians are divided over whether or not to ban the public screening of the anti-Islam movie "The Innocence of Muslims" which has caused a wave of attacks on US diplomatic missions around the world in recent days, Jewish One News reports.  A screening planned by the far-right Pro Deutschland party is to take place at a cinema in Berlin which has provoked discussions regarding how to balance freedom of speech versus concerns over public safety.

Social Democrat MP Martin Hartmann told reporters, "It is an extremely disgusting video which deeply offends one of the world's major religions. Christians have had to endure this too without us being able to prohibit anything. I believe that in Germany, freedom of speech is valued so highly that (an attempt to ban the movie) would not hold up in court."

German Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich stated that he hopes the authorities in Berlin will prevent screening of the film in the name of guaranteeing public safety and good relations with the Arab world. Angela Merkel has also stated she is opposed to allowing any screening of the movie, but other MPs have come out against any ban on screening the movie.

Germany's Green Party MP Cem Oezdemir opined, "I believe that (any) religion needs to tolerate criticism and sometimes, even mockery. (The religion of) Islam isn't the only religion (having to tolerate this), I'm thinking of satirical publications here, or movies such as 'The Passion of the Christ' or 'Life of Brian'. Religion needs to bear this."

Protests against the film have erupted worldwide, reportedly resulting in the deaths of at least 50 people. Muslim religious leaders and politicians have called for the movie to be banned and for any perceived insult to Islam to be criminalized.  Jewish News One criticizes U.S. President Barack Obama, who it says "refused to come out in support of freedom of speech, instead calling on internet search engine Google to take steps to prevent access to the clip ."

British author Salman Rushdie meanwhile has said he does not think his 1988 novel, The Satanic Verses, would be published in today's world because of an international climate of "fear and nervousness" surrounding anything publication which could be viewed as critical of Islam.


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  • Human Being

    Muslims try to ruin our civilization, and they work by terror – by shutting our mouths, with terror, fear, threats, riots and murders.
    Unfortunately our governments react with restrain ann concessions – they believe that hey protect democracy, and multiculture but indeed they just cooperate with people who try to annihilate this democracy and our society and extend their sharia states aka Pakistan, Saudi Aravia and others throughout the European and other western countries.
    The only way to stop this is to openly discuss in mass media the basic principles of islam and quran: kill the infidels, christian and jews, kill thouse critisizing muhammed, kill the apostates and kill the muafeks.
    Islam must be banned as nazi ideology was banned – the sooner the less victims will be.
    Unfortunately we are already too late, but waiting only makes it worse. Otherwise they will do with us in our countries the same what they do with infidels in their countries – actually these countries were not muslim – they were captured by muslims decades or centuries before. With murder, rapings etc. And unfortunately most of the people are not familiar with history, while press is manipulated towards 'tolerance'. Tolerance to intolerant is a crime against our children and our future.

    • Peter

      "Openly discuss this in the media?" And, how will that impress or convince the Muslim hordes who don't have access to our media and wouldn't believe it if they did. It's their mullahs and imans who stir up these ignorant masses with their messages of hate. There is no free expression in these Islamic theocracies. But. time will tell. Perhaps the next generation will start rejecting this repressive fundamentalist nonsense. "Islam should be banned." All religion should be banned but it will never happen.

      • Human Being

        The problem is that the current state is much worse than what it was 10 years ago but still much better than what it will be. I do not believe that we can save Syrians or Lybians from their mutual wars. However we should at least protect our countries. And at the rate of their birth-rate coupled with their desire to establish mosques, sharia laws and force islam upon us we will be in grave danger 10-20 years from here. Simply said they will do to us in Europe the same they do with copts in Egypt and with christians in Lebanon and with Hindus in Pakistan.
        And in order to protect our existance we should discuss the legality of islam and mosques in our countries. I think that a simple study of islam can lead us to conclusion that islam must be put out of the law in the same way as nazi ideology is.
        Actually islam -in my opinion- would lead us even to darker places.

        • Peter

          What I'm saying as has happened in so many other situations is future generations when exposed to our culture and somewhat free expression will reject their parents/grandparents beliefs. Even today, the vast majority of Muslims are peaceful and all they want is a good life for their families. Most have no desire to force anything on society and want to be left alone to practice their religion.

          • Human Being

            want to be left alone to practice their religion. "
            Peter, did you have time to peek into the quran? Very interesting document indeed, very efficient in brainwashing and programming.
            And to practice islam INDEED means to kill the infidels among many other sacred deeds. But spreading islam and fame to muhammed is indeed the most important and basic practice. I don't think I need to cite the verses and suras here, but it is indeed the basis of islam. And if you think that it is just a metaphora.. first quran prevents such an escape too, second, after reading it most of the current events become obvious, and, unfortunately, some of the future events becomes foreseeable too.

            • Peter

              Read your Old Testament, especially Joshua and how this kind, loving ordered him to massacre the Canaanites. Same God as Allah. First some reality.
              So what you’re saying is we should because as intolerant as those societies. We should give up our rights and freedoms for a perceived threat that doesn’t exist. I live just north of Toronto which does have a large Muslim population, as does Montreal and Vancouver. In fact they may be the majority by 2015. Despite what’s
              happening in the mid-east absolutely no one, repeat nobody, marched in the streets. Neither did they when some magazines published cartoons of Mohammed. Nor are any Muslim leaders called for sharia law, because they are moderates. Rid yourself of your paranoid
              fantasies and Islamaphobic nonsense. Peace .

    • Is it your democracy? Shall we explain 1st what is the democracy ?

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