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Ted Nugent claims to be 'doing God's work'

Ted Nugent claims to be 'doing God's work'

Back in April, Ted Nugent, the 63-year-old rock star turned Tea Party pundit, captured not only national media attention but the attention of the Secret Service when he made remarks suggesting that he would attempt to assassinate President Obama if he's re-elected.

Via the "Patriot Update," we now learn from Nugent  at about 2:09 in the video embedded below that "The idiots and the America haters hate me.  That proves I'm doing God's work because the devil is upset."

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About D.

  • I'd like to see this delusional Nugent guy arrested for the not-so-funny threats in the last minute of the video. How many times do we let a self-aggrandizing loony hint about mass murder, or assassination? A lot of attention-seeking murderers give hints about their evil goal, and too often they are not taken seriously. Are people in his neighborhood and the local authorities aware of the madman nearby? Seriously, I'd like to be notified if I had a neighbor who was this vocal about ideological violence. Where does he live? I'd like to notify the police there.

  • Peter

    Rock star? Not quite, he had one hit album a zillion years ago and milking it ever since. A tea party pundit says it all, and he'll get big speaking fees and appeal to like-minded neanderthals. I shouldn't insult the neanderthals, I'm sorry.

  • I guess it's all those drugs he did in his younger years that makes him think he's doing "God's work".

    UGH! He's sick! Killing so many hogs from a plane! As much as that repulses me, I have to ask if he's serious that he killed that many hogs. That's just sick if he did.

  • Hot Needle of Inquiry

    Great patriot (?), doing god's work (?); big talk from a sniveling whiner who openly admits to soiling himself for over a week, slamming mega amounts of drugs and acting crazy so he could get out of the Vietnam draft. Nugent is the poster boy for narcissism. I almost forgot, he is a great sportsman, shooting animals out of a helicopter. I noticed this fatuous video included the latest popular reichwing meme of shooting (killing) citizens if the popular vote goes against them. Many religious right commentators use whistle phrases like "second amendment solutions" to "take back the country" from the majority, but not good ole Ted and his rah rah patriot promptress, they will be blasting from helicopters. It seems the modern definition of patriot is a person who murders their opponents.

  • Larry Linn

    If Ted is doing God's work, thank God that I am an atheist!

  • Did you hear about Rumney and his 47% that he doesn't give a damn about? If I had time to write about it, I would. He's worse than Ted Nugget, because he wants power.

    • Peter

      Hopefully American's will wake up in time and realize how out of touch this dynamic duo are. I think he's done, or should be. But, we can't underestimate how blind some voters are, esp. the radical right/evangelical crowd. If he becomes Prez the rest of the world will shutter.

      • Oh I hope he's done and that even my own mother heard about what he said. If she did, she probably and hopefully will not even dream about voting for him just because he's a Repooplican.

  • 1 Brunette

    Me thinks nut boy nug, lies as much as crying ryan.

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