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The Evil of Religions and the Closing of An Age

The Evil of Religions and the Closing of An Age

Global protests shine the light on Muslim sensitivities about the Prophet Mohammad.  All I can do is to remind you of the dying Age of Pisces and with it humanity's worse destructive Neptunian traits. This planet's deceptive power is simply phenomenal where all sense of reason is replaced by a form of spiritual euphoric drug that is as bad as cocaine and blurs the victim's sense of reality. Remember, this planet rules imagination, deception, drugs, alcohol, all places of confinement i.e. churches, synagogues, temples, hospital, jails and indeed the Middle East which also happens to be the birth place of the youngest and deadliest religions of all.

Neptune and the Middle East.

Knowing Neptune also rules poisoning, chemicals and oil, it is no wonder that this particular geographical region is cursed by the Cosmic Code where reason and logic are largely missing. Dealing with the people of the Middle East is like trying to communicate with some fishes stuck in their own little world tank where it becomes impossible for them to use objectivity to transcend their polluted, religiously poisoned thinking process.

They were trained over the centuries by a Neptunian prolific political/religious rulership to become spiritually impartial and unforgiving of what the codification of thoughts found in the archaic obsolete religious books ordered them to believe and live by.

This type of imposed Neptunian thinking is so detrimental because it act as paraphernalia upon the wasted psyches of the majority of unconscious Middle East residents who truly believe the west is filled with infidels and must be eradicated from the face of the earth.

The Poison of Religion.

But this is not a direct attack to the Middle East or the Muslim religion only because the same Neptunian deceptive power overrules all of these countries, including Israel and countless of other tribes and their particular beliefs system. Thus the country itself is "religiously" imploding, self destructing as any addicted lost Neptunian soul would behave in the long run. While Neptune's powerful deceptive impact is also obvious in the US and all over the world, souls born with a heavy Neptune's placement in their natal/karmic UCI will act out their own Christian/Mormon/Methodist etc. religious mental afflictions the same exact way as would a Muslims, a Buddhist or a Jew.

Its all produced by a single planet called Neptune, designed by God to produce a constructive or destructive imagination but the sad reality is 99.09% of the humanity is still unaware of this "religious" phenomenon. Neptune rules also the arts, music, dancing, creativity and without his jurisdiction human would lack the imagination needed to create and enjoy any form of arts. After all, Michelangelo born March 6, 1475 who painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in the Church of S. Pietro in Vincoli in Rome, was a true Neptunian. Only those blessed with true Cosmic Consciousness can and will appreciate the facts of what it means to be human. Note I am also a Pisces and so is Joel Osteen. But some spiritually advanced Pisces souls decide to swim upstream against all odds (Dr. Turi) while others simply follow the current of religious deception.

I would suggest the reader to investigate Neptune's power as to gain more consciousness of its rulership over your psyche. Back in 1995 I made a prediction directly related to what is going on today with religion but dealing with any Neptunian means also suicide because the totally depleted spirit is already gone to "God." Without the right education, the only way out is the total extermination of a couple of generations and with it the opportunity to re-educate the children on the Cosmic Code and the supremely powerful deceptive essence of Neptune plaguing their UCI and their countries.

While my reasoning about genocide may seem unacceptable, it is sadly already happening in Syria and so many other Middle Eastern countries… Saving the world with love or a myriad of old prophets and religions is simply impossible and the facts are plain to see if Neptune power is not overriding the reader psyche or if the reader is able to auto-analyze himself accurately.

The Atheists; Richard Dawkin's Astrological Chart.

Meanwhile, everything has it exact opposite and the logical, rational unconscious born soul will ally with evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins, who "has broadened our understanding of the genetic origin of our species."  Science, agnostics and atheists alike totally dismiss God and religions.  Without Cosmic Consciousness, little do they know, they share the same natal earthy UCI.

Mr. Dawkins was born March 26, 1941, with his Saturn (career/public standing/fears) in the hearthy sign of Taurus right in his 3rd house of communication and critical thinking. Jupiter (higher studies/colleges/universities) is also in this rational born atheist sign and dictate why he is published world wide. His Uranus (originality/cosmic values/astrology) is also in Taurus neutralizing any form of progressive or curious thinking.

But to make the situation even worse, Richard Dawkins was born with his hidden Dragon's Tail also in the stubborn, earthy, unchangeable, unmovable logical sign of Taurus. Go to www.drturi.com and click on Taurus right on the top and get a good picture of what this sign is all about, but do not expect evolutionary biologist, Richard Dawkins to ever be able to accept or understand the intuitional domain of my work and the real cosmic genetic origin of his UCI (Unique Celestial Identity) found in the human species. This type of spiritual information is much too much for any atheist born young soul.

Neptune, religion and  Astrophsychology.

Here you go reader, in a few sentences the entire psyche of yet an unconscious educated man has been exposed, but how many of my readers own Cosmic Consciousness to appreciate the truth? Do you for a second think either Joel Osteen or Mr. Dawkins are able to auto analyse themselves, actions and beliefs accurately? Do you think they can remotely understand the Neptunian impact upon the Middle East region and realize why the Muslims or Jewish will never see eye to eye with them? No they can not because they "were born that way" and like the rest of the 99.09% of God's unconscious children, they all lack the gift to perceive the Creator Divine cosmic manifestation and read the signs… But because I am so ahead of time and the world is not yet ready for my far reaching highly spiritual teachings you will not read the following soon on CNN…

[pullquote]"As an evolutionary Astropsychologist, I have broadened our understanding of the cosmic genetic origin of our species." — Dr. Turi[/pullquote]

In this little essay, I approached both scientific and religious extremes using Joel Osteen, a religiously poisoned young soul, and evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins, an educated scientist .  Both are totally unconscious of their direct relationship with the cosmos, the stars and God himself. As mentioned so many times before, those who are supposed to be the elites in their particular field are often the ones who knows the least on the subject.  All humanity needs now is another 50 years of human drama, wars and intellectual challenges to begin to comprehend mywork and visions.

How will the world eradicate itself of ignorance and fears is already set by the cosmic clock and God's will, which I see endlessly unfolding in front of my very eyes as I daily decipher the future using the Cosmic Code rules.  In a world where leaders assign themselves to religious archaic convictions, or prioritize entertainment, sports and trust its infantile scientific community, only extreme stupidity can plague the rest of humanity.

The right type of spiritual/cosmic information is missing in the current failing educational system curriculum and as long as science and religions continue battling each other for supremacy because of their lack of perception, do not expect this world to experience an universal peace, love and respect for all.

The essence of all the wisdom in all the religions of the past encompass the stars, the universe and the heavens where God resides and where humanity came from. This rare wisdom was drastically altered, manipulated and changed to fit those who own power over an uneducated, God fearing unconscious mass.

The only challenge now, which began in 1991, is for me to keep introducing the Cosmic Code to replace science and humanity's erroneous perception of a God. Hopefully, this will eliminate the rest of the world's humongous ignorance, discord and future wars.  Rejecting, denying or ignoring God because of science or religions is the wrong way to go…

When the human "educated /scientific" ego challenges or pretend to know better than God himself, it affirms the non existence and the depletion of the human decaying spirit. Humanity's current marvelous technological, scientific accomplishments do not match its spiritual evolution. Two thousands years of deceptive, archaic religious Neptunian teachings are a no match for today science who miserably failed to incorporate a more scientific/spirituality inclined approach to its para-psychological cosmic/human inherent relationship.

The task ahead is huge because it involves a total re-structure of the educational system where future generations must acknowledge God's manifestation throughout the Cosmic Code rules and its impact upon each and every individual. This will not happen overnight as the current generation in power and in charge of the education must die out and become obsolete. All humanity needs is time and for the truth seekers, the enlightened to keep fighting for the light and the "renaissance" of the human spirit.

If you take the entire world's population and ask who "checked" their UCI or STAND curious UNDER their stars to UNDERSTAND God and their fate, only a small amount of people have done so. While many curious souls were served "Neptunian junk" by non cosmic conscious astrologers, their understanding, appreciation use and reward of the ancient art is non existent. I need many more Cosmic Conscious students who can handle the Cosmic Code appropriately to serve others. But still, how will I remove the religious fears or the unending criticism by logical born souls that we practice a "pseudo-science?"

Yes, your UCI already dictates your appreciation, your understanding and your drive to explore the divine or not! Indeed, it is a very peculiar situation when both science and religions are given FULL attention at the expense of the golden cosmic truth, which is escaping the majority of a blind humanity.

When men learn to judge others outside of their own limited, inherited karmic UCI, the true beauty of what it means to be a different / unique human being will abolish suspicions and discord. Only then will the objective educated Cosmic understanding of others become the long awaited Universal religion promising long lasting peace, love and respect for all…

Blessings to all

Dr. Turi

About Dr. Turi

Dr. Turi is a proficient author and a charismatic captivating speaker, endowed with a profound Universal Wisdom that astonishes everyone. He was recognized in the 2003 Marquis "Who's Who in America" as an accomplished leading Clinical Hypnotherapist, Astropsychologist and Natural Healer. Dr. Turi is the personal counselor of many celebrities such as Ivana Trump, Peter Fonda, Gary Busey, Denis Haysbert, John Gray and many others. He appeared in numerous magazines worldwide and is a favorite guest of George Noory on Coast-To-Coast AM radio and the BBC in London. He appeared in numerous television programs worldwide. Dr. Turi hosts of his radio show "The Cosmic Code" live from the Internet -Astrology is an art, Dr. Turi is the master with 98% ratio of accuracy! http://www.pvhi.info/index.html http://cosmiccode7.ning.com/ http://newsletter.drturi.com/ http://www.drturi.com/
  • colourmegone

    "Dr. Turi is a proficient author and a charismatic captivating speaker,
    endowed with a profound Universal Wisdom that astonishes everyone."

    The only thing that astonishes me is that anyone is gullible enough to take astrology seriously in the 21st century. It's fine for a laugh or a pick-up line but to seriously suggest, as this article does, that it has any validity is truly mind boggling.

  • Laurie

    It's your prerogative to turn a blind eye, as we have free will, but his gifted perceptions cannot be ignored by those that know better.

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