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Religious right activists to pray to 'save America' from ungodly mess of secular humanism

Religious right activists to pray to 'save America' from ungodly mess of secular humanism

According to the 40 Days to Save America website, "our national survival is at stake" and "nothing short of a Third Great Awakening can save us." To solve this alleged crisis, religious right leaders say that beginning "September 28, and continuing through November 6, we are calling for a Great Religious Awakening through 40 DAYS of prayer, fasting and repentance."

The chair of the group is Dr. Rick Scarborough, who claimed last summer that America will not survive if President Obama is re-elected.  He is joined by leaders of various Christian right and New Apostolic Reformation activist groups who oppose marriage equality and reproductive choice, such as Concerned Women for America, Liberty Counsel, the Family Research Council and Kingdom Warriors.

An ad from 40 Days to Save America released on YouTube (embedded below) claims:

Are you concerned about the future of America?  You're not alone!  All around us we see a nation spiraling down into an unGodly mess of secular humanism, immorality, corruption, deceit and attacks on religious liberty.  And many believe there's nothing that can be done to stop it.

They're wrong.  We can do something.

In the midst of this national crisis, our call to action is clear.  God spells it out for us in 2 Chronicles 7:14.  'If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land."  This is an offer we can't refuse because we know that God is faithful to do what He promises if we act in obedience.

So we're asking pastors and congregations all over America to commit to 40 days of prayer, fasting and action to save America. 40 days to humble ourselves before God.  40 days to repent and seek His face.   40 days to cry out to Him with one voice to save our land.  40 days to take action as He leads.  We believe He will answer.

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  • I didn't know it was an "ungodly mess". Sadly, they truly believe this 40 days of fasting and prayer will get them their way. Like that Second Coming, end of the world thing, they will be disappointed that they wasted their time and energy.

  • religion and their ownership rights…. again if one group claim to control freedom of religion do you really have the right to freely think of godly words…. so is freedom of religion the right to imposes god rants on others…. and do we all
    not have the right to create our own religion….. freedom of religion…… is not an act to imposes god rants as law on others… or its not free anymore….

    • lana ward

      How is America doing without God? Smartness!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

  • The sectarians in America are the ones who made it a mess ala Ronald Raygun and the Christian Coalition. Before that the god bullshit was kept to a minimum in American politics

    • lana ward

      How is America doing without God?? MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

  • Daddy2Q&A

    While religiotards pray passively to somehow be granted a better world by pointless wishmaking to the Great Flying Spaghetti Monster in the sky, Reason-embued people will take quantifiable and measured steps towards progress in assuring that our president remains in office and completes his role as a facilitator of a new era of secular humanistic governance in America. All the emplorings into nothingness are welcomed by people firmly rooted in reality and with effective educational backgrounds, as we realize the effectiveness of their doing so in lessening the progress we seek in finally shedding the religious retardation which plagues our nation and would surely stir the Founding Fathers in their graves … were that even possible. Hooray! That America is seeking, finally, an adult relationship with the Real world around us … instead of the imagined authoritarian system under an imaginary god! Hooray that we are leaving the last vestiges of our primitive superstitions by the wayside! Hooray that we enter a new era of Reason and Discovery instead of baseless assertions of infantile thinking. Good riddance to religions and all their fruits – ignorance, intolerance, bigotry, hatred, war, genocide, ethnic cleansing, rape, torture, genitalia mutilations, masogynistic societies, and so on.

    • lana ward

      You seem pretty smart at knowing nothing!! How is America doing without God?? MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

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