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Demon Watch: Robertson addresses 'demons in buildings' types of questions

Demon Watch: Robertson addresses 'demons in buildings' types of questions

In yesterday's "Bring It On" segment of Pat Robertson's show on the Christian Broadcasting Network, the televangelist was asked about demonic influences (see video embedded below).

Rhonda wanted to know:

We own a commercial building which we lease out to several tenants.  Our Downtown Improvement District wants our tenant to host their 'Fright Night Séance' this October.  I am against this and want to withhold permission (our lease states they will not cause 'injury' to the building and its reputation) but everyone thinks I am being unreasonable.  Help!  What should I do?

"That's a tough one," Robertson answered.  "From a spiritual standpoint, you shouldn't have anything to do with a séance.  […]  You need a lawyer to talk to you.  The laws are getting so screwy they're forcing people to do things they don't like to do and then somebody can bring a lawsuit against you.  […]  From a scriptural standpoint, I wouldn't have anything to do with a séance.  You're asking demons to come in."

Another viewer claimed that demons were already in her building.  Elizabeth asked,

When I am very tired and fall into a deep sleep, I am awakened by the sounds of demons.  When this happens, I can't move.  I can hear them surrounding me.  When I speak the name of Jesus they go away.  What does this mean and what do I do?

Psychologists have accredited this type of experience to a brain phenomena called "sleep paralysis."  For Robertson, "this means either you or the building you're in has some kind of demonic presence, some sort of a possession."  He recommended that Godly people pray over Elizabeth and her building and command the demons to go away in Jesus' name.

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  • Deist1737

    The "revealed"/hearsay religions all use fear to control people. Belief in demons is just one tool in their tool box of fear. God-given reason can free people of these fear-based "revealed"/hearsay religions IF GIVEN THE CHANCE. That's why I greatly appreciate the American founder and Deist Thomas Paine's call for a revolution in religion based on our God-given reason and Deism in his important book The Age of Reason, The Complete Edition. A Deistic revolution in religion will bring our spiritual and religious thinking out of the Bronze Age and into the 21st century. As the Deist Albert Einstein (for Einstein's Deism read the landmark book Einstein by Walter Isaacson) made clear, if we want to survive in a nuclear age we MUST develop a new way of thinking.

    Progress! Bob Johnson

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