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Religious News Verses: Creationism, agnostics and Romney

Religious News Verses: Creationism, agnostics and Romney

In our wintery economic climate, CNBC muses whether creationism is turning into a booming business.  "There seems to be a growing demand for museums on a mission to debunk evolutionary theory and promote the belief that life was created by God as laid out in Genesis," Drew Guarini writes, referring to the expanding creationist business plans in Kentucky.

As to those atheists in the new "Flat Earth Society," retired high school teacher Tom Ritter adds agnostics to the group of the ignorant in yet another press release:

What I said recently about Atheism applies to agnosticism as well (See "Atheism", previously). Because both ignore the laws of thermodynamics, both are members of the modern Flat Earth Society.

Atheists say definitively there is no God; agnostics say they are not sure.

Atheism is a religion because it believes an article of faith, that is, something important that cannot be proven. Agnosticism is not a religion but many are agnostics.

Meanwhile, Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis is apparently inundated with requests for a response to Bill Nye's remarks on creationism.

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With the Republican convention coming to a close, you might be wondering where the GOP's presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, stands on creationism and evolution. According to Glenn Beck's The Blaze, he is an evolutionist. In a May 2007 article posted in The New York Times, Romney is quoted as saying "I believe that God designed the universe and created the universe, and I believe evolution is most likely the process he used to create the human body."

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  • Brian Westley

    Another critic who doesn't know what "atheism" or the 2nd law of thermodynamics means.

  • Peter

    "muses whether creationism is turning into a big business?" It already is and growing stronger everyday. Watch Romney change his tune as he panders to the fundamentalist/tea party factions who control the GOP. And where does Ryan stand on those questions? Something tells me he'd embrace the religious creationists.

  • skater60

    God creates everything using evolution, is what I believe. Or it can also be said that everything is created by evolution, leaving the God part out. God doesn't care what you believe, is my idea. If you want to believe in the Tooth Fairy it's ok with God. God's question to each of us is totally Other and is simply this: are you compassionate, understanding and forgiving? What you "believe" counts for nothing. What does count is preparing yourself to live Life in the dimension of Spirit, where everything is known and there are no "theories" about anything.

  • Verses vs. versus
    Verses is the plural of the noun verse (or the present participle of the rare verb sense ofverse). Versus (abbreviated vs. or v.) is a preposition meaning against or in contrast to.

    • Deborah_B

      Yes. It i intentionally verses, as in bible verses.

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