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George Carlin on the “Sanctity of Life”

George Carlin on the “Sanctity of Life”

For today’s rant about the so-called “Pro-lifers”, who in reality are pro-death and anti-woman, I am using a special guest, albeit dead now, to do my ranting for me.  Thanks to technology and the ability to preserve images, as well as voices, I possess the power to bring people back from the dead!  They look very good too, when I bring them back, I might add, and not at all like rotting zombies.

This old video of George Carlin has gone around MoveOn.org, RHRealityCheck, and Democratic Underground, to name only a few sites, over the past few months.

[pullquote]They will do anything for the unborn. But once you’re born, you’re on your own.~ George Carlin[/pullquote]

One of the versions most of the sites share is a nine-minute, with superior sound quality, but I found the whole 10-minute skit.  The sound is fair to good, but one can hear most, if not all, of the skit, from start to end, including the one minute and 13 seconds most sites cut, which is the best part.  It is his conclusion about the whole matter, which he could have came straight out and said, but then the ten-minute funny skit would not exist.

However, it does not matter which version you listen to, because the skit makes it sound like Carlin is still alive today, talking about politics and current events.  Carlin states the issues about abortion, pro-life, and the sanctity of life very well and in the slightly longer version wraps up the issues into six words, which, in my opinion, also includes the religious’ god.  I think Carlin said it well and I doubt I could say it better myself, so he can do the ranting for me today, because I love what he said about it all.  The man was not only intelligent and funnier than I am, but he also spoke the truth, in my opinion.

[pullquote]If you’re pre-born, you’re fine; if you’re preschool, you’re fucked. ~George Carlin[/pullquote]

A transcript of this skit can be found on Lybio.

WARNING:  This is George Carlin.  If you do not know by now, he makes good use of the English language and does not hold back.  His language maybe offensive to some people and if it is then do not listen to these clips.  I forgot how Carlin said it, but if one finds him offensive, then the simple conclusion is not view the videos below.

Without further ado, I bring you my special guest and funny man, the late, great George Carlin, to talk about abortion, Pro-life, and “sanctity of life” issues.

As a special treat, here is Carlin on the Death Penalty with transcript on "no more lyrics". He says exactly what I always thought about it, but again he says it better, as well as funnier, than I ever could.

Then again, I did think of something similar, but it apparently seemed funny only in my head, which unfortunately means I am no Joan Rivers and certainly not George Carlin.

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