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Another creationist group plans on building tourist attraction in Kentucky

Another creationist group plans on building tourist attraction in Kentucky

Mark Hansel of The Cincinnati Enquirer reports that the Creation Science Hall of Fame will be raising funds so that it can build a brick and mortar facility in northern Kentucky, between Ken Ham's Creation Museum and his fledgling Noah's Ark Theme Park.  The Creation Science Hall of Fame is currently a blog and is not affiliated with Ken Ham's creationist enterprises — although it does name Ham as a "living inductee."

According to the donations page of New Jersey creationist group's website, "It is our intention to construct a brick-and-mortar museum between Answers in Genesis Ark Encounter and The Creation Museum for all to visit, so that the world can see that creation scientists are ready and able to give and answer for what they believe."

The Creation Science Hall of Fame site also carries a "Creation News" thread that contains stories such as how before the biblical flood, "Pre-Flood Water" shot up like a jet from the earth's crust and did not rain down as water does today; that NASA's Curiosity that landed on Mars proves intelligent design and that if evidence is found that life forms once existed on Mars, they actually came from Earth " in the same disaster that caused a Global Flood;" and that because of the theory of evolution, judges and public servants are rewriting the Constitution of the United States and sending the nation down a path of self-destruction.



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  • sam


  • silverbackV

    Good, Darwin should go to the dung hill with his garbage.

    • Peter

      What an intelligent, enlightening comment. Silverback, get your nose out of your fictional bible and begin reading what real scientists say about evolution.

      • silverbackV

        Peter, Peter, Peter, there are no "real" scientists that believe in evolution. Anyone that believes in evolution can not possibly read or understand the DNA chain. Pond scum has never evolved into anything except a liberal. Do yourself a favor, read about the components of the human eye and convince yourself that happened by random chance.

        Put the Kool Aid down, back away, drop on your knees and ask God to forgive you of your foolish ways. Pick up the Bible of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and you will find wisdom. You still have a chance.

        • REAL scientists DO believe in Evolutions. It's the fake scientists, wanting to brainwash people to a particular agenda, who do not. Creationism is not science. It's fake science and has no truth to it and Peter nor I have any reason to drop to our knees and ask your human created god concept for forgiveness. That would be like asking Casper for forgiveness and submitting to humans who want power and control over others. You know, could pick up the Tao Te Ching and find wisdom in it, too, and probably better wisdom.

          • silverbackV

            Wrong on all three counts. Your scientists must not be able to read the DNA chain. Not much call for that when your main source of income is derived from scraping road kill off the pavement. The only way you will find true joy in your life is through a relationship with the creator God Jehovah. You don't have it or the venom would not be dripping from your words. The only Holy book you need is the Bible, the others are the counterfeits Peter was speaking of. You need him Mriana, open your eyes.

            • What school did you go to and who did your brainwashing? The School of Mythological Brainwashing? The only book I need is the Bile? Really? Thus say you. Others would disagree completely with you. I also have the Bile, read it many times from front to cover. I also have the Gita, The Acts of Buddha, Tao Te Ching, the Gnostic Bible, the Nag Hammadi collection,The book of Chung Tzu, The Writings of Maimonides… I could probably tell you more about religion, including it's evolution, of which your Jesus is not original, than you could spew myth any day. I'm not the one with my eyes closed nor do I submit to any human created deity.

              • silverbackV

                Darling, you are confirming everything I said, but I don't need the help. Those are some big titles in your library. If you read any of them other than the Bible you wasted your time and I would hate to think you actually paid money for them. I admit, you could tell me about religion, but this discussion has never been about religion. You've missed the point again, that breeze you felt in your hair was the topic going over your head (again). Religion is what you have when the Holy Spirit leaves. I am talking about a relationship with the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. He loves you with an everlasting love and there is nothing you can do to change that. Come up to where the air is pure and clean. The best part of that deal is that when you surrender (that would be submit) to him, you won't even have to clean up your act, he will do that for you.

                • Peter

                  And what "version" of your bible are we talking about? And your kind, loving god is a psychopath, the original mid-east terrorist. He so loved everyone he killed everyone except noah and family. Of course, if you believe that story you're really brainwashed. Do you also believe the earth is only 6-10,000 years old as Ham and his other charlatans teach?

                • silverbackV

                  Well Pete, it is the Christian Bible, any version is a good starting point. I can sense some anger in you questions, they probably come from confusion. I used to be confused and consequently angry. It is all explained in they Bible. Please, while you are referring to the flood, remember that besides "everyone" except Noah and family, everything also died except 2 of every unclean and 7 of every clean animal (Genesis 7:1-3). I could tell you about it, but it would be best if you read it starting in Genesis 6. The age of the earth in my mind is up in the air because of the paleo Hebrew word in Genesis 1:2 that we translate as "was" can mean "became" but that isn't where we are heading. I do believe that life has existed for 6-10,000 years. I really hope you will looking these things and allow your mind to be opened. Just for fun, scroll up the page a look at the information about the eye that I mentioned in my last message to you, I wrote it down for Mike.

        • Ah, you're just a troll. Sorry I wasted my time.

          • silverbackV

            Mr. Hyde, scroll up to see the answer.

  • People, with any education at all, really need to stop going to these Disney Land Creatonists attractions. Maybe it would get them to stop pushing the fantasy of Creatonism and start getting a real science education. All these places do is push scientific ignorance. I've not been to the Creatonism museum in my area and I don't plan to go, unlike some freethinkers in this area, because I think it encourages the Creatonists to push their scientific ignorance agenda, as well as line their pockets with money. The more we go to these Xian Disney land attractions, the richer we make people who want scientific ignorance. Eventually, it will be like Walmart and you won't be able to find anything that teaches real science, if we aren't careful and we all know how much Walmart controls and dominates consumer shopping, forcing the small business owner out of business and end up working for Wally World. It's almost impossible not to patronize Wally World. Personally, I don't want such a thing to happen to actual science, in which Creatonism World shuts down the Natural Science museum and/or the Planetarium museum.

    • silverbackV

      Mriana, with all the evidence there is against evolution, you have to be getting some help to think so badly. There is no science behind evolution. Pull your head out of the sand and do some "intelligent" study, it can only help. you

      • There is no evidence against Evolution. There is only pseudo-science, so why don't you take your own advice and leave Yabba Dabba Do land?

      • "There is no science behind evolution."

        Science is all there is backing evolution. The only evidence against evolution (and for creationism) is unscientific and fantastical at best.

        I'd be careful where you get your scientific knowledge, silverbackV. If you get it from your pastor or some random poorly cited web page, maybe you should consider that evolution is backed by some of preeminent thinkers of our society. Evolution explains so many details of our genetic makeup while also contributing to so many advances in medicine. Do you appreciate the medical care you receive at the hospital? Well much of that comes from the study of genetic code and understanding human processes.

        I acknowledge that not much is 100% in this world, but we're talking like 99.999% to 0.001% here.

        • silverbackV

          Michael, I am confused, I got a note from you, see above. Then another about a troll. Could be Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, I am not sure now. In either case, be assured that trolls and evolution are both fictional. The only evidence for evolution is is skewed and twisted to meet the researchers goal. I am writing this on behalf of Dr. Jekyll. Let's take the human eya as a quick example.
          http://www.99main.com/~charlief/Blindness.htm – this is a drawing of the eye. Then, past this is http://hyperphysics.phy-astr.gsu.edu/hbase/vision/rodcone.html – the rods and cones in the retina. Assuming you actually believe in evolution, I have concluded that you are also challenged in math. When you put all these numbers together (both eyes) and rounding down by a few million, you arrive at 250,000,000. That is two hundred and fifty million moving parts in a pair (quite often they come in pairs) of eyes. As son as you look at an object, all of these things start into action, allowing the correct amount of light, distance, size, shape, color. This information is transferred to your brain and in most cases you are aware of what you are looking at. This process is completed in less than a second (measurement of time). This process will take the Cray supercomputer 2 years to complete. Now ask yourself in your heart of hearts, where the full force of you intellect resides, "Do I believe that this is a result of random chance?" Michael (Dr. Jekyll), if the answer is yes, then trolls do exist and in a few minutes Mr. Hyde will be back to occupy your mind. If, on the other hand, you have questions, then you've come to the right place.

          A dog has always been a dog, it was never anything else. I will grant you that there is variation in the species, a Great Bull Mastiff and a Pomeranian are both dogs. People were designed and created by a creator. We did not emerge as anything else.

          Via con Dios Mike, I really hope this helped. There are many many more examples, just look. Don't let Mr. Hyde have dominance.

          • Zack

            http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/evolution/change/grand/. Your argument has no ground in the scientific world. Maybe research the subject you claim to know something about instead of finding the one argument that fits with your faith.

            • silverbackV

              You didn't learn anything Zack! Never, never, never, never, never, never, never, quit studying. Learn about the DNA chain, I promise, in the future you will look before speaking.

              • Zack

                Your understanding of evolution is zero if you don't think it is backed by science. Did you even read the site I posted? It completely and utterly rebuked your claim that evolution could not account for the complexity of the eyeball although it very much can. I also wanted to point out to you how easy it is for either side to find an argument for their case so don't assume you are right just because you believe you are. Take the time to study both sides not just the side that helps strengthen your side.

                • silverbackV

                  Zack, by either side, you mean the right side, creation and the disingenuous side evolution. There has not been nor will there ever be research that supports evolution that isn't flawed and skewed to meet the researchers objectives. I breaks my heart that you are so closed minded to not even look. This whole thing boils down to evolutionist not wanting to be accountable to a creator God. Look at it this way if it makes you feel better. We both live our lives and are as good as we can be. The only difference is that I am under the blood of Jesus. We both die. If I find out there is no God, I have lost nothing. Orrrr, you find out the is God – – – You all of a sudden have a big problem with no possibility of a satisfactory resolution. You owe it to yourself to be absolutely certain with such high stakes. Find a reputable scientist and ask him to explain the DNA chain to you Orrrr you can put your head back in the sand. Remember what that leaves exposed. I'll know if you choose the sand

              • Zack

                I also wanted to state that even if your claims about evolution were true, which they are not, there is even less evidence of an almighty creator so why should I choose that over evolution when your argument against evolution is that there isn't enough evidence? So instead of believing in a theory that has actual evidence I should believe in a myth that has absolutely no evidence? Your logic is ridiculous and I regret that I even wasted my time trying to provide you with some rationality when you are clearly without any.

                • Zack, you know, if we stop responding to the obnoxious trolls, maybe they will leave the site. You and I know Dawkins and other scientists debunked the eye BS long ago. If they refuse to educate themselves out of fear of losing their faith, then it's not our fault. It's theirs

                • Zack

                  You are right I just get frustrated with people who speak from ignorance and a lack of understanding but then talk down to other people as if they have researched the subject or know anything about it.

                • I do too and I was making the same mistake myself, until I realized they are obnoxious trolls. Too bad we didn't realize it as fast as Michael Kim did. Kudos to him for being quick.

          • No, a dog has not always been a dog. Wolves and dogs both come from a common ancestor that was neither wolf or dog. The eye argument has been shown to you close minded creationists time and time again. You simply don't listen. I've only seen a handful of arguments that creationists present, and all have been answered by the scientific community. We know for a FACT that species have slowly evolved into other species, yet creationists continue to ignore it. It's like Ray Comfort going on interview after interview saying he hasn't been shown a single transitional fossil, when there are thousands of them in museums. Close that fairy tale book of yours and go learn something. It's ridiculous. Seriously.

  • Peter

    Ham's Ark Encounter will not be built anytime soon. Answers in Genesis started a fund-raising drive about two years ago hoping to raise 26 million. So far, all AiG raised was 5 million and the project is, perhaps, abandoned.

  • terminator

    who the hell are you bitch, to tell me what i can and cannot believe in, come and try to take my bible away and ill have the barrel of my gun up against your eyeball!

    • Deborah_B

      Creation science seems to bring out the best in people …

    • Budz

      Jesus would be so proud of your attitude!

    • silverbackV

      Cool down Bucky, these are puppies we are dealing with.

  • ChadW

    Sorry Mriana, it would appear that a few nut case fundies have discovered your excellent website.

    • I see that. For the record though, Deborah owns it. She just shares it. 🙂

  • I'm so embarrassed to be an American right now. Extremely saddened and embarrassed. The world is laughing at us. I'm just speechless, thanks Kentucky.

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