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Right-wing radical group to hold “Christian Heritage Day” in Georgia next month

Right-wing radical group to hold “Christian Heritage Day” in Georgia next month

According to Americans United (AU), American Vision is a radical right-wing Christian group, which plans to hold a “Georgia’s Christian Heritage Day” in Georgia next month at the Statehouse in Atlanta.

On September 13, the group plans a tour of the Statehouse and various Georgia lawmakers, such as Senator Barry Loudermilk (R-Cassville), will speak at the event.  They also plan to “educate" people about the “Christian history” of the United States and Georgia.

“We often speak about the Christian heritage of America in general, but few people know how that was manifested in the individual states,” American Vision said on its website. “American Vision invites you to come for a day of discovery as we uncover some of the lost, obscured, and untold Christian history” of the state of Georgia.”

However, the AU often reminds people that the United States never was founded as a Christian Nation and neither was Georgia.  Originally, Georgia was where Great Britain sent people, whose only crime was debt.

“As Americans United has explained many times, America was not founded to be a Christian nation. By association, Georgia was not founded to be a Christian state. In fact, it was originally intended to be a place of rehabilitation for those unfortunate enough to find themselves in British debtors’ jails.”

Regardless, American Vision’s goal, as stated on their website, is to restore America back “to its Biblical Foundation- from Genesis to Revelation”.

“In fact, American Vision leaders subscribe to the Christian Reconstructionist viewpoint, which means they advocate taking control over the United States and running it as a fundamentalist theocracy.

Reconstructionists advocate a particularly shrill version of “biblical law,” and a whole range of people would be candidates for the death penalty – homosexuals, adulterers, fornicators, witches, incorrigible juvenile delinquents and those who spread false religions, just for starters.”

The group, according to AU, is extremely radical with their Biblical views and their extremism lead the Southern Poverty Law Center to classify them as an extremist hate group.  The AU points out, as an example, that American Vision President, Gary DeMar, allegedly stated that the Bible calls for the execution of homosexuals.

American Vision also defended Todd Akin and his statement about “legitimate rape”, accusing the Republican Party of “Political gang rape” against Akin.

“Of course, politicians like Akin, who represent the clear contrast and strong conservatism desired by the tea party, are a real threat to the old Northeastern establishment Republicans like Romney. And thus that establishment savages him—violently and in unison. Call it a political gang rape—a legitimate one.”

American Vision’s “Georgia’s Christian Heritage Day” is scheduled as a day long event on September 13 and the only thing the group gets right about the history, according to the AU, is how a bill becomes law.  The rest is misinformation about the history of Georgia and the United States.

“With the exception of learning about how a bill becomes law, everything about this is wrong. The statehouse should be a place for conducting public business, not a platform for the spread of misinformation by a sectarian organization.”

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Mriana is a humanist and the author of "A Source of Misery", who grew up in the Church of God, Anderson Indiana. After she became an adult, she joined the Episcopal Church, but later left the Church and became a humanist. She has two grown sons and raises cats. Mriana raised her sons in the Episcopal Church, but in their teen years, they left the Church and she soon followed. One of her sons became a "Tao Buddhist" and the other a None, creating his own world view. She enjoys writing, reading, science, philosophy, psychology, and other subjects. Mriana is also an animal lover, who cares for their welfare as living beings, who are part of the earth. She is a huge Star Trek fan in a little body.
  • That these people cannot believe that faith is between them and God and they have no calling to deal with mine is scary. Sharia Christianist Law is not what Jesus wanted.

  • Peter

    Reconstructionist founders Rushdoony and
    Scary Gary North said they would conquer and establish a theocracy by using
    "stealth and deception." Their first target was to penetrate and then
    dominate the homeschooling phenomenon. If you go to homeschooling web sites
    most sell text books from Dominionist or Reconstructionist publishers that
    brainwash these impressionable kids into believing they are god's army battling
    Satan his atheist surrogates. They have a sacred duty to transform society into
    one obeying god's laws. A theocracy. This indoctrination began in the late 70s
    and 80s and the first generations of these kids are present today in all levels
    of society. In education, they push for the teaching of creationism or
    intelligent design. They've penetrated the Southern Baptist Convention, the
    largest Protestant denomination. They are in the armed forces where many senior
    officers are Christian fundamentalists as is
    20% of the military Chaplin Core. These Chaplains see it as a god-given
    opportunity to convert to Christ those traumatized troops fighting foreign
    wars. But, their biggest influence is in politics. A majority of Tea Partiers
    are fundamentalists, and two of their darlings
    are Sarah Palin and Bachmann. Palin belongs to a Reconstructionist/Dominionist congregation
    in Alaska with links to a Reconstructionist congregation in the lower 48. If
    Romney wins he owes much of success to those Christian fanatics in the Tea
    Party and affiliates. To retain power. he will kowtow to their outrageous
    demands. Most fundamentalists, although not
    avowed Reconstructionists, would welcome a theocratic society and the Recons
    have concrete plans to establish their Reconstructionist dystopia. As Sinclair
    Lewis said: "When Fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in the flag
    and carrying a cross."

    Sorry for the long comment but they're up
    here too and it's something I feel strongly about.

    • It's OK. I've done the same thing and yes, they are everywhere, unfortunately. They will throw us into the Dark Ages if we aren't careful.

      • p

        Mriana, I think
        we're already one step away from the dark ages. The thing with these people is
        they never stop pushing. For instance, teaching creationism/intelligent design
        in science classes. (Is intelligent design an oxymoron, well moron might be
        right 🙂 Anyway, they kept on and on until sane people just give up and they
        got their way. This isn't just in the Deep South but is happening in other
        jurisdictions, and, yes, up here too. You said earlier that you want to get out
        of Missouri, which means they won. That's their strategy. We have a Dominionist
        Prime Minister so I shudder about what is in the cards for the next three
        years. But, I won't move, I'll fight.

        • What happens once you're outnumbered though? These people can be lethal.

          • Peter

            I know and don't know how to help. But that, unfortunately, is more of of a problem in your country, so far. The gun laws in most states are asinine and I fear that progressives like yourself will become targets of the wild west, us against them, mentality. It's scary and will get worse. I don't what to say because this obsession with guns is alien, so far, to my experience. The only thing you can do is keep a low profile, but, then again, they win. Sorry, don't know what to say or give advice in support. Like I said before, move to Canada, but not out west in Alberta, that's our redneck province.

            • If it helps any, I don't understand the obsession with guns either.

              • Peter

                Does anyone? Is this Is just a macho thing: my gun is bigger then your gun? But, the New York killer this week is a prime example. for the lack of tight gun laws. He had a permit, I think, for that hand gun. Even so, the
                NRA lobbyist's are so strong nothing concrete will ever get done, they bought, signed and delivered the politicians
                I do worry about those soldiers who served overseas, mine and yours, who came home traumatized and any adequate support. They're pawns for the anti-government, anti-everything Christian anarchists as I wrote earlier. Yes, i am worried. Here, the main conflicy is Islam vs. the one true true religion, Christianity. Sorry, I did go on but I'm a writer and this happens. Take care.

                • "
                  Is this Is just a macho thing: my gun is bigger then your gun?"

                  Yes, much like their penis and god issues.

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