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As RNC convention draws near, Christian pastor says to nominate Ron Paul because 'God sent him to help Americans'

As RNC convention draws near, Christian pastor says to nominate Ron Paul because 'God sent him to help Americans'

The New York Times reports that the Republican Party may nominate Mitt Romney as its presidential candidate two days early due to concerns about Tropical Storm Isaac and fears of a possible disruption during the roll call vote from Ron Paul supporters attending the Republican National Convention next week.  The president of USA Christian Ministries and author of "Making A Strong Christian Nation," Pastor Steven Andrew thinks the Republicans should nominate Ron Paul for president at the convention.

Andrew takes issue with Mitt Romney's Mormon faith, claiming, "If Republicans nominate Mormon Romney, who thinks Jesus is a created being, the spirit brother of Lucifer, then Christians should abandon, by mass exodus, the Republican and Democrat parties, and join the Constitution Party."  He thinks "God sent Paul to help Americans," and asks, "but will Americans listen?"

According to Andrew, there are seven reasons why Ron Paul is America's best presidential choice:

  1. God's Blessings: Scripture Teaches to Chose Christian Ron Paul –"Paul would bring the Holy Spirit to the White House, not so with non-Christians Romney or Obama. Scripture teaches to vote for Christians. (2Chronicles 19:2, Exodus 18:21, Psalm 1:1, 2Corinthians 6:14-18, 1Corinthians 6:1-5, Mark 12:30, Galatians 1:9, Matthew 28:19-20…)," he says. Our Founding Fathers said Americans should "select and prefer Christians for their rulers." Christians agree with Paul's positions the most.
  2. Republic: Paul Knows He Serves "We the People" — Jesus calls government to serve "We the People." Luke 22:26 says, "he who governs as he who serves." The attitude of serving is foundational in our Christian Republic ("…to the Republic for which it stands, one nation under God…") Paul believes the USA is a Republic, but Romney and Obama think the USA is a "democracy," in which mob rule determines policy, not serving. Our Founders warned democracies become corrupt.
  3. Better Jobs and Economy: Paul Creates More Jobs –Americans must get out of debt for jobs creation and for economic growth. Paul will cut the debt. He has a track record of voting against tax increases and voting for transparency. Paul leads to audit the Federal Reserve. Obama and Romney haven't.
  4. Freedom and Liberty: Paul will Restore American Liberty –Paul believes in American liberty. Romney and Obama remove liberty.
  5. Constitution – Paul Follows the Constitution –Paul believes Americans have the Biblical and Constitutional right to jury trial and free speech. However, Romney and Obama think Americans can be put in jail for life without a trial in NDAA. Veteran Brandon Raub was taken into custody for free speech this week.
  6. Remove "Obamacare": Paul Believes "Obamacare" is Unconstitutional –Paul opposes "Obamacare" in his heart. Americans are gullible to think Romney would remove "Obamacare" since Romney made the blueprint for "Obamacare."
  7. Bring the Troops Home: Paul Believes Christian War Principles –Our Founding Fathers taught the Biblical war principles of a defensive war. Paul believes what Jesus says. Paul also believes: "Go in. Win. Get out."


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  • Akin believes his political career is his mission from God and these people believe God sent Paul to help [make America worse]. What next?

    • Peter

      I see where McCaskill now has 10 point lead over Akin. Hey my last name is Aikin, no relation I hope because it's spelled different ways.

      • Hopefully it is not the difference between Sanders and Saunders, because if it is, you might be related. Hopefully not though.

    • Donny

      Not to worry! I just talked to God and SHE promptly denied it all.

  • Pretty sure that if the Republicans were people of faith and righteousness that they wouldn't stand behind a liar (flip-flopper) and a thief (reference Romney and the GOP's most recent delegate stealing action)….what a joke…

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  • Gene Gallagher

    Wow, a christian pastor that's a real Christian?

    • skater60

      Where? Where?

    • Donny

      Probably one of those "true" believers too. Does that mean there are "lie" believers?

  • Peter

    I guess the GOP is now known as God's Own Party

    • Donny

      Every religious fool believes God is only on their side. Even the Nazi murderers had "Gott mit us" (God is with us) engraved inside their belt buckles. A lot good that did them. And then again everything the Muslims do is "God's will."
      Will we human beings ever learn that we individuals are all personally responsible for whatever we do? Paradoxically, the God we seek is not "out there!" God is within each of us. And they killed jesus for saying so. And the religious fools haven't stopped killing.

  • skater60

    And that's why I'm a Democrat and voting for Obama again.

    • donny

      Not so fast, Skater! There are plenty of religious hypocrites who make sure the hypocrite Dems are god believers too.

      • skater60

        Nuh, uh! Oh no there aren't! Democrats are like… saints! Very holy people – all of us. We are so holy we glow in the dark. "Honey, the power just went out, could you turn on another Democrat please?"

  • Kristi

    GREAT ARTICLE! Thanks!!!

  • Donny

    God again? Wasn't it God who told Bush to run for president? Well that just proves God needs to stay out of politics. And his "faithful followers" need to keep taking their meds.

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