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2011 end times redux? It's raining birds again

2011 end times redux? It's raining birds again

Eighty birds fell from the sky in New Jersey Tuesday–mostly redwing blackbirds, and the event startled the people who experienced it.  Florida's NBC2 reports:

Residents in Millville found at least 80 birds — mostly red-winged blackbirds — on the ground dead having fallen from trees and the sky.

"Crazy, something out of a movie," said resident Michelle Cavalieri, who saw the birds fall from the sky.

The birds caused a bloody mess on roadways in the residential neighborhood.

"They'd get up and try and fly and they were out of control so they'd crash and fall again," said resident Jim Sinclair. "It was just strange."

The event is reminiscent of 2011, when hundreds of birds fell from the sky in Arkansas.  Speculation went wild after fish and other creatures also started washing up, mostly by end times websites, which had many wondering if we were looking at the end of the world,  and some speculated that HAARP and UFO's were responsible for the strange occurrences.

Below is an explanation of what law enforcement thinks occurred:
NBC-2.com WBBH News for Fort Myers, Cape Coral

Legally sprayed pesticide is thought to have been responsible for the bird deaths.

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  • Deborah_B

    There's a story about how the miners used to send canaries down into a mine to make sure that the air was not toxic. If the canary lived, it was safe. If not, well … All of these bird deaths don't spell the end times for me, but I do think that they are indicative of environmental ills that must be addressed.

  • Marian Shatto

    "…when red-winged blackbirds fall/ and the ducks are washed ashore/ and whales sound no more/ then I come and I sing/ For singing is a way of weeping in the soul/ like the rain, like the rain …"
    Lines from "I Come to You, My Friend" by Carolyn McDade, originally (c) 1979, still horrifyingly relevant. My soul weeps every time I read of an incident like this.

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